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Since its inception GameGuideDog is the only online service that caters to video game enthusiasts by helping them with each issue on an individual basis and when necessary contacts video game development teams and publishers on their behalf.

GameGuideDog (also known as GGD)  is published by Wonderdog Entertainment Ltd, recognized as a valuable gaming assistance website that offers strategy guides, walkthroughs, direct video game support, reviews, news, and articles dedicated primarily to the PC, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, 3DS, PS2, PSP and PlayStation 3 gaming platforms. GGD is independently owned and operated. We have journalists from several different countries to bring the latest video game industry news and reports.

By visiting GameGuidedog you can always expect an enjoyable mix of all of the finest videogame information, game walkthrough guides, critiques and much more.  A site dedicated to helping you save your precious time, GameGuideDog News cuts out the fat and gives you the details in a direct and comprehensive manner.

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CEO, Applications Developer, Chief Editor
David J. Garfield
Referred to as “Master Chief” at GGD HQ and Topper the Wonderdog on the web, David J. Garfield is the founder and CEO of GameGuideDog, a Wonderdog Entertainment software company, and has worked for Microsoft, Atari, Cavedog, Southlogic Studios, GT Interactive (one of the original contributors for “Unreal”) and Humongous Entertainment just to name a few. He developed the first ever GameView Wizard and implimented this structure into the original design of this website along with the full invention and development of the current GGD search engine making finding game help and assistance at GameGuideDog one of the easiest and more valuable websites to frequent.

Lead Game Reviews and Opinions:
Dean Ulmer (aka Professor Benny Oblivion)
Generation X member and proud Canadian with a continuing 3+ decade love affair/addiction with gaming. First console – Intellivision. Current gaming platforms, PS3, Wii, PC. BCAA certified personal trainer in Fitness Theory & Exercise Physiology. Past experience in ghost writing for stand-up comedy. Favorite Series’ – Resident Evil/Silent Hill. Favorite Games – Final Fantasy VII, Fallout 3, Dead Space, Resident Evil 4/5, and many, many more ( I can hear the survival horror purists groaning already… a topic I’d gladly cover) Favorite Sports Team – Vancouver Canucks

Game Walkthrough Publisher and Reviewer
Kevin Vader
Kevin’s real name is Kevin VanORD but got his nickname working with the GameGuideDog team doing many hilarious impersonations. He is a top notch games journalist who is often praised by other video game bloggers as well as copied from (cheap but still a form of flattery), whom has reviewed games for Game Developer, Edge, The Guardian, Kotaku, The Gadget Show, GamesTM and many others.  We are proud to have Kevin on our team of video game walkthrough publishing insiders.

Lead Contributor/Media Assets:
Jacks Koh
Editor in chief of Gamenyusu – Media assets controller for GameGuideDog, Jacks is one of the most authentic and objective journalists one could find to read.  He posts several insider videos and screen captures gathered from friends inside many game publishing camps and is an invaluable asset to the GGD team.

Lead Game News Specialist
Matt Litten
Many around the globe are fans of Matt Litten’s work, a from-the-womb gamer turned video game reviewer/blogger and current editor/owner/operator of VGBlogger. You can always expect the best and most honest points of view from this Video Game Blogger Pro who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is to all GGD readers.

XBox 360 / Microsoft Hardware / Game News Journalist
Peter Carpenter aka TCO Pete
Peter Carpenter is a lead writer and journalist for TheControllerOnline, he writes and reviews the latest Xbox 360 News and Reviews. A savvy journalist, Peter has a respectable resume of coverage known to many as well as the Videos By Gamers For Gamers column. Take control but visiting his blog, or read through his coverage here at your friendly neighborhood GameGuideDog.

We also wish not to overlook the several additional contributors on our site that periodically update us with useful installments and gaming industry news, to each we are always grateful.

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  • Camille
    March 27, 2017
    Reply #1

    You most likely have heard about WaterMelon Games – the video game company making retro games with style. In 2010, we released Pier Solar, the world’s best selling retro game which shipped to over 40 countries. 

    On the 28th of March this year, WM is proud to present its new 16-Bit game: PAPRIUM, a post-apocalyptic, outrageous, brawler. (In the same spirit as Double Dragon, Final Fight & Streets of Rage). This is a brand new AAA Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game, developed from the ground up, to be released in 2017! It has been crafted at WM’s Magical Game Factory through the Investor’s votes, thousands of suggestions and a team driven by true passion and 16-Bit excellence. PAPRIUM is the biggest Mega Drive / SEGA Genesis game ever made and features multiple game modes, 24 Levels and up to 5 Selectable Characters! 

    Discover more about this new experience in our press page full of bonus (screenshot / play mode details / trailer…)!

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