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  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Lord of the Hunt Review | GodisaGeek

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    Mick Fraser: "As a first significant slab of DLC, Lord of the Hunt is a decent side attraction that gives you a reason to return to Middle-earth for a while and drops a new skin into the mix, but ultimately doesn’t feel particularly essential for anyone but real fans. It’s a good craic, to be sure, but it doesn’t really offer Via Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor – The Lord ... more.
  • Shovel Knight, A Kickstarter Standard

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    40° John Seeger writes: "Crowdfunding often comes under fire for being fairly unreliable; with the massive amount of money poured into some crowdfunded games, such as Star Citizen, it can be difficult to tell whether or not games financed with this method will fall flat. However, thou shall not forget about that what already came. Shovel Knight, for example, is the Via Shovel Knight, A K... more.
  • Funk Of Titans Review | This is Xbox

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    Richard Berry of This is Xbox writes, "Funk of Titans is A Crowd of Monsters’ first console release; the title has been exclusively launched on Xbox One under Microsoft’s ID@Xbox initiative. You step into the funky shoes of Perseus, the son of Zeus who is less than amused by the musical styling of three Titans – Pop, Rap and Metal. It’s Via Funk Of Titans Review | Thi... more.
  • Neoseeker’s Game of the Year 2014 Nominee Spotlight: Wolfenstein: The New Order

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    There was a time when first-person shooters were rock and roll. Fast and heavy, shooters were about equipping an arsenal capable of conquering a small African country on your back and then proceeding to conquer a small African country. Filled with demons and/or Nazis. That era ended with the growth of Call of Duty, Halo and Counter Strike, but the spirit Via Neoseeker's Game of the Year 2014 Nomi... more.
  • Mock game box imagines what a Japan-produced, moe “Call of Duty” might look like

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    RN24: Back in the day, Japanese console games were king. What late-20s gamer doesn’t fondly remember the classics like Final Fantasy VII, Tactics Ogre, Street Fighter, Metal Gear, the original Super Smash Bros, and the spate of Japan-produced side-scrollers owing their lineage to Mario? Unfortunately, while great Japanese games do exist and are still being made, general consensus on English... more.
  • Dying Light – First Play I Expansive

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    Aside from the obvious similarities, there are times that, when playing Dying Light, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Techland are the developers behind it. While that seems like damning with feint praise, I’m certain they would acknowledge that, while Dead Island is a series enjoyed by many, it wasn’t without its fair share of technical hiccups. Actually, that’s the ... more.
  • GTA V Review: Finely Polished Port Of Rockstar’s Masterpiece, Worth Buying Again | Gamepur

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    Grand Theft Auto V first arrived on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013 to break all the sales records (so far more than 34 million units have been sold on the last-gen consoles). So, when Rockstar Games announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of Grand Theft Auto V, critics asked just one question: So many players have already Via GTA V Review: Finely Polished Port Of Rockstar's Mas... more.
  • Best Narrative of 2014

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    gamrReview's Joseph Trotter: "'Narrative? That's just stories, aye?' Sam said, leaning back in his chair. 'Why not just call it Best Stories and be done with it?' Four options appear on screen: Y) ... X) 'I can call it what I want!' B) 'You should probably watch out for that zombie.' A) 'Gaming has moved on from the genocide of turtles, Via Best Narrative of 2014... more.
  • Evolve Reveals the Beauty of the Beast in Cinematic Trailer

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    Turtle Rock's asymmetrical shooter Evolve is being pressed onto PlayStation 4 discs as we type – apparently. We assumed that the four-versus-one affair was still some way off, but according to publisher 2K Games, it's set to stomp onto store shelves from 10th February in Europe and North America. Those of you with strong memories may recall the release getting delayed Via Evolve Reveals the... more.
  • Worst Video Game Endings of All Time

    Posted by on January 13, 2015 under News
    NuzCo writes: "It is all too common for the thought of worst video game endings to accrue to players. Video games haven’t been notorious for their grand story telling throughout the years. Although we have seen some pretty epic tales, we have also seen some really bad ones too. In the light of that statement, we have made a list to Via Worst Video Game Endings of All Time... more.

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