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  • StarCraft (1998) | Best Games | Strategy | Blizzard Entertainment

    Posted by on May 3, 2011 under Best Games
    Our 'best game' in history for today is the original StarCraft, and well, defensive pop-culture creators often boast of being "big in Japan", but StarCraft was the first Western game to pin its success on South Korea. There was something about this real-time sci-fi strategy game that touched a nerve, making StarCraft a staple of the country's multiplayer PC cafes, which were emerging in the la... more.
  • Section 8 Prejudice Walkthrough | PC | PS3 | XBox 360

    Posted by on May 3, 2011 under PC, PS3/PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    Our Section 8 Prejudice walkthrough guides you from start to finish on this first person shooter published by TimeGate Studios for Xbox Live arcade. It’s a Sci-Fi FPS with an edge. Entry points are not ‘spawned’ rather you can select any area on a map and drop from your airship and actually guide yourself on down to the ground and after a somewhat unrealistic summersault your up and run... more.
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Walkthrough PC | PS3 | XBox 360

    Posted by on May 3, 2011 under News
    Our Call of Duty: Black Ops Escalation Walkthrough will guide you from start to finish in this exceptional Call of the Dead and other additional DLC for Black Ops. This is the second addition for Cod: Black Ops and the Escalation walkthrough won't leave you well, headless. Take a first look at the all-new Black Ops maps of Escalation in this multiplayer trailer. The developers at Treyarch give a ... more.
  • SOE Confirms Loss of over 12,00 credit card details, 10,700 direct debits stolen

    Posted by on May 3, 2011 under News
    Aside from the report below, it is strongly urged you keep close track of your credit/debit card accounts, and/or possibly terminate and re-issue new cards based on your purchases at SOE. As the days weeks and months forward unfold, it wouldn't surprise us if further 'credit card' details were compromised as thieves of this nature tend to harbor stolen information for lengthy amounts of time befo... more.
  • Motorstorm Apocalypse Walkthrough | PS3

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under New Releases, Walkthroughs
    Our Motorstorm Apocalypse Walkthrough will guide you from start to finish on this new release for the PS3. motorstorm, apocalypse, sony, entertainment, america, full, hd, 720p, campaign, walkthrough, playthrough, guidethrough, play, walk, guide, through, help, tutorial, race, pressure, story, mode, gameplay, video, game, ps3, xbox, playstation, playthrough part, ps2, star wars, arcade, showbiz, au... more.
  • Funny GameVid: Skateboarding dog plays video game

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under Paws Button
    We just couldn't resist this bulldog skateboarding and interacting to the onscreen video game. If anyone else has ANY animal playing a video game, send us a link to their video! We'll gladly post it! ... more.
  • Frontier Gate uses menu driven Battle System for true RPG

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under News
      While tri-Ace is known for designing games with action oriented combat, Frontier Gate, their first title with Konami, is designed like a traditional RPG. Before you can get to battles you have to pick a partner. Frontier Gate tells the story of two pioneers, the protagonist and a player chosen partner character, who adventure on an unknown continent called Frontier. There are fifteen pros... more.
  • Outland Walkthrough | Outland Walkthrough Guide PS3 | XBox 360

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under PS3/PS4, X360 / XBox ONE
    This is a video walkthrough for the Xbox Live Arcade action platformer, Outland. This walkthrough guide covers everything from start to finish including all cutscene cinematics, gameplay and more for this arcade action platformer. The video on this page includes the introduction up to the end of the first area.... more.
  • Diablo III Facebook 875,000 Likes: Khazra Concept Art and Witch Doctor Firebats Skill

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under News, Paws Button
    The Diablo III Facebook reached 875,000 Likes and Blizzard Entertainment has another ransom reward for your continuous support. In today’s update, we have the concept art of a risen Khazra (not official name) and a gameplay screenshot of the Witch Doctor. The concept art seems to be a risen Khazra from what Bashiok hinted: “While this … thing resembles the Khazra, its form is twisted and d... more.
  • Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) | Best Games | Action/Adventure | Rockstar Games

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under Best Games, News
    Our "best games' column wouldn't be worth it's weight in pixals if we didn't include one of the the biggest selling Rockstar titles of all time. GTA 4 brought us a new dynamic to the 3D adventure. After the Playstation 2, Grand Theft Auto games, riots of black humor, violence, and cartoon slapstick, Grand Theft Auto IV can sometimes seem a little serious. Its magnificent reincarnation of the f... more.

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