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  • Sony Finally Apologizes for Network Breach

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under News
    In a news conference held over the weekend, electronics giant Sony issued an apology for the recent data breach of its PlayStation network, in which hackers gained access to personal data related to the service’s more than 77 million users. Along with the apology, the company for the first time offered some significant detail into the nature of the attack that has crippled its service for more t... more.
  • New Video Game Titles Releasing for 18th Week of 2011

    Posted by on May 2, 2011 under New Releases, News
    Well into the swing of spring we have the prelude of things to come with the next entry to the Back to the Future episodic video game series releasing Part 3, Epsiode III Citizen Brown which we of course already have posted, this might be an error in this weeks listings.  Not to forget the potential bomb Thor: God of Thunder, we'll have to wait to see how good it is, but the biggest hopes are... more.
  • Duke Nukem 3D (1996) | Best Games | First Person Shooter | Apogee Software

    Posted by on May 1, 2011 under Best Games
    By the end of the 2000s one of the biggest legends, and one of the biggest jokes, in gaming lore was Duke Nukem Forever. This was purported to be the latest chapter in a historic franchise, and is now a game that nobody expected to see the light of day. Why did anyone care in the first place? Blame the nostalgia on Duke Nukem 3D, one of the first classics of the first-person shooter genre and a li... more.
  • Thor God of Thunder Walkthrough, Thor God of Thunder Game Strategy Guide

    Posted by on April 29, 2011 under PS3/PS4, Walkthroughs, X360 / XBox ONE
    Here it is, right out of the shrinkwrap! The full Thor: God of Thunder, Thor walkthrough, walkthrough, playthrough, let's play, gameplay, hd, sega, marvel, superhero, hero, Thor: The Game, Thor: The Game walkthrough, Thor God of ThunderThis is part 1 of a complete gamplay walkthrough of Thor: God of Thunder on the XBOX 360 and PS3. It is on other consoles, but the gameplay experience may differ. T... more.
  • Lode Runner (1983) | Best Games | Platformer | Publisher: Douglas E. Smith

    Posted by on April 28, 2011 under Best Games
    Today in best games of video game history, with its clever melding of puzzling and action, Lode Runner is an eminently playable platformer. It was, however, revolutionary for another reason, as one of the first games to offer a level editor. Giving players access to the building blocks of Lode Runner's game world wasn't just a ploy to extend the game's lifespan and popularity, it gave the gaming c... more.
  • Tomb Raider (1996) | Best Games | Action | Publisher: Core | PC | PS1

    Posted by on April 27, 2011 under Best Games, PC
    Todays best games in history commendation goes to Tomb Raider. It's all too easy to pin the initial success of Tomb Raider on the unlikely physique of the gamers heroine, upmarket explorer Lara Croft, but in reality, sex had been used to sell video games largely with mixed results for some time before her appearance in the mid-1990's. Tomb Raider succeeds because it is, quite simply, a wonderf... more.
  • Quake III Arena (1999) | Best Games | First Person Shooter | Id Software

    Posted by on April 26, 2011 under Best Games, News, PC
    For todays best game in history here at GameGuideDog nothing says "I killed you" like the rail gun in Quake III Arena. Introduced in Quake II, this weapon takes a long time to charge and then spends it all with a single shot, drawing a perfect line from the barrel to the center of the crosshair if there's a body in the way, it explodes, and a smug little icon appears on the HUD. Two bodies, too b... more.
  • New Nintendo Console Revealed

    Posted by on April 25, 2011 under News
    Nintendo Japan tonight confirmed it will release a new game console in calendar year 2012. It will be announced and playable at E3 this coming June. "We will show a playable model of the new system and announce more specifications at the E3 Expo, which will be held June 7-9, 2011, in Los Angeles," the company said in a brief statement. Nintendo did not reveal any additional details. Ninte... more.
  • 3DS Bloodrayne: The Shroud delayed

    Posted by on April 25, 2011 under News
    BloodRayne: The Shroud was listed as a title that was currently under development by Nintendo following the announcement of the system, but information on the title has been scant ever sense. And now the game has officially been put on hold, so say the developers. When asked about the game via the official Myspace page for the upcoming downloadable reboot of the franchise, BloodRayne: Be... more.
  • GoldenEye 007 (1997) | Best Games | First Person Shooter | Publisher: Rare

    Posted by on April 25, 2011 under Best Games
    It should obvious to any true gamer that we must have revamped our 'best games' column if we are just getting to GoldenEye 007 for the N64. As "best game of the day" this is actually #3 on our top list commending the core of true "best" gaming. You could argue that the title of Best James Bond Game ironically sits with three games that aren't actually about James Bond: Metal Gear Solid 3, Mode... more.

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