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  • GameAspect.Com’s GameCast Ep 007

    Posted by on April 29, 2012 under News
    Could you live without the high prices of video games? Today we discuss Family Guy Online, free Witcher 2, Defiance MMO and the related Sci-Fi series, Dishonored trailer, Grim Dawn on Kickstarter, the end of the $60 video game, a new James Bond game and some other stuff. For games we look at Battlefield Bad Company 2, Red Dead Redemption, Roboblitz, Rayman Origins and Pokemon Cryst... more.
  • Indie Interview: Warballoon, Star Command

    Posted by on April 24, 2012 under Best Games
    When it comes to old school look, or gameplay, many video game fans gobble it up.  If you are an old time gamer or a newbie, you'll still benefit from playing these nostalgic pieces of the past.  In many cases, they are new innovations on an old theme.  At least that's what comes to mind when looking at the Warballoon Star Command title, and indie release which has also stuck to the roots of wh... more.
  • Silent Hill: Downpour Review

    Posted by on April 20, 2012 under Best Games
    The Silent Hill series has always been a dominant topic of discussion when it comes to well known franchises. While they aren’t exactly known for the amazing gameplay, they excel at many other things such as story, setting, characters and really understand what it takes to make a good survival horror game… sometimes. With the first four main series games being made in Japan and the fifth g... more.
  • Gamers At Work

    Posted by on April 20, 2012 under News
    In Morgan Ramsay’s book, Gamers At Work, success stories of games studios of every kind are explored between its covers. From old timey startups like Microprose, Sierra, and Electronic Arts to more modern ones like Verant Interactive and Junction Point Studios. The book is presented in simple interview style, a back and forth between Ramsay and the particular person he’s interviewing. This... more.
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Review

    Posted by on April 18, 2012 under Best Games
    There are very few stealth genre franchises that are as iconic as Metal Gear Solid, and very few have left as big of a mark in the video gaming market. Hideo Kojima, the mind behind the Metal Gear franchise, has been churning out some of the most appealing, detailed and visually stunning espionage action titles that both the previous and current generation have ever played. Over a decade’... more.
  • Journey Review | GameAspect gives Details

    Posted by on April 18, 2012 under Featured
    In 2009, ThatGameCompany developed and published “Flower”, a title that was released on PSN and was open to critical and commercial success. It was simple but addicting and very enjoyable.  Three years on, and we see the next project of ThatGameCompany.  Saying that it lives up to the hype is without a doubt an understatement. The game is much more than that and my words of preaching ... more.
  • GameAspect.Com’s GameCast Episode 5

    Posted by on April 18, 2012 under Paws Button, Trailers
    Our bro's at GameAspect give the next edition of "GameCast" Check it out! GameAspect.Com’s GameCast Episode 5 with Alex, Stephen and James In The News, GOG.Com offers Fallout for Free, we discuss Google’s Augmented Reality goggles (A.K.A. Google Goggles), The Dead Linger Kickstarter, BF3 private console servers, Eve-Online... more.
  • Why Pushmo Revitalized My Faith in the 3DS

    Posted by on March 18, 2012 under News
    The 3DS has certainly turned itself around in the past year.  A rocky launch and a dearth of software seemed to spell certain doom for the future of Nintendo's little handheld. Claims were made that the poor performance of the 3DS was proof that smartphone gaming had killed off dedicated handheld gaming. How could Nintendo compete with the app store, with its thousands upon thousands of one dolla... more.
  • Halo Reach Maps, Why You So Boring?

    Posted by on March 11, 2012 under News
    Now let me explain something, I am not an online multiplayer kind of guy. Online gaming doesn’t exactly breed the most polite people, and having to work theses type of people is intolerable. Halo is one of the two franchises I can tolerate playing online matchmaking on. The two reasons for this are: The whacky and unpredictable moments that come from a combination of its game-play and  t... more.
  • Dungeons Of Dredmor Review | Steam

    Posted by on March 2, 2012 under Best Games
    The near endless re-playability; incredible depth, self-mocking humor and accessibility all work together to make this one of those titles that you’ll be able to enjoy, whether ‘s for day-long play sessions or for the 20 minutes you’ve got before work, for years to come. By Stephen Murphy Stephen is a philogamer, a lover of games. From card games to board games to computer games, h... more.