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  • Rockstar entices with Max Payne 3 Updated Trailer Today

    Posted by on September 22, 2011 under Paws Button
    If you recall, we reported on a Max Payne 3 trailer that was released last week and now, in all the hype, Rockstar is well re-releasing again with all new developer commentary to get us even more interested, hopefully.  Of course the Mark Wahlberg film actually improved awareness for the franchise, although I personally played the original 3 times through, (and actually am playing it again a 4t... more.
  • Retro City Rampage Preview

    Posted by on September 14, 2011 under Paws Button
    This fall, VBlank Entertainment Inc. brings us the highly anticipated release of “Retro City Rampage.” Available for download as an Xbox Live Arcade title. This game has pretty much achieved a cult status already within the world of hardcore and old school gamers for its amazing nostalgic qualities. It takes old generation greatness and appears to make it look awesome all over again, with ... more.
  • Improving The PSN | GameGuideDog Partner Reports

    Posted by on September 13, 2011 under News, Paws Button
    It's often easy to forget just how far the PS3 has come since its launch back in late 2006. Not only are there better and more games, with better graphics and more evolved gameplay; but the PS3 itself has come a long way as well. Back when I first bought my old 60 GB PS3, the PSN Store was just a web page, and functioned like the browser. The first thing I ever downloaded was the Resistance: Fall ... more.
  • Mass Effect 3 Evolves | RPG now stands for Really Progressive Gaming

    Posted by on August 31, 2011 under News, Paws Button
      With a full hands on examination of Mass Effect 3, the RPG experience is not the usual fair. If you recall, in Mass Effect 2, the streamlined set of choices ultimately still required the same outcome give or take a few lives, and with all the efforts to keep all shipmates intact, the result was somewhat anti-climactic for a resolution. This time Bioware as conjured up some new goo... more.
  • Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Makes Me Want Kinect | Xbox 360 Kinect

    Posted by on August 23, 2011 under Paws Button, Tech Bones
    Xbox 360 Kinect has sold pretty well since launching last holiday season, but to this day it continues to struggle when it comes to producing high quality games. Our partners at VGBlogger are still taking a wait to see the approach of Microsoft's full-body motion control camera, but with games like Capcom and From Software's upcoming mech sim Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor on the horizon they se... more.
  • Gamescom 2011 Starts off with a Big Bang | GameGuideDog News

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under News, Paws Button
    The first day of Gamescom is pretty much a wrap and the event taking place here in Cologne, Germany runs from August 17 through the 22nd, and with over 500 exhibits to try and cover, we of course will be hitting the big stories first, and thankfully they've allowed us to get those scoops first with the pre-press conferences from Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo held yesterday. Some of the othe... more.
  • Assassin’s Creed Remade in Glorious 8-Bit

    Posted by on August 11, 2011 under Paws Button
        Ever wonder what Assassin’s Creed would have been like as an 8-bit adventure from the ’80s NES era? Well wonder no more, because Machinima and YouTube director Majami Hiroz have taken Ezio Auditore on a parodic journey back to a time when pixelated graphics blew gamers’ minds. Watch Pixelated Assassin’s Creed  and even more great Machinima videos at VG... more.
  • Learn How to Draw The Legend of Zelda’s Link Using Flipnote Studio

    Posted by on August 9, 2011 under Paws Button
      We never knew how much fun it could be, and actually pretty easy to draw link with just a few main tips to remember when drawing him. Here's a great video for the fans of Zelda to learn how to draw link. In honor of The Legend of Zelda‘s 25th Anniversary, Nintendo is calling upon DSi and DSi XL owners to download the free DSiWare app Flipnote Studio and create animated sho... more.
  • GameGuideDog CEO hospitalized from a Mentos and Pepsi experiment

    Posted by on August 6, 2011 under Paws Button
      Hey friends, it's Saturday, and  we have just completed our Max Payne 3 walkthrough guide, and I wanted to give everyone something extra to enjoy since I forgot our Funday Friday post yesterday. This video from 2004 originally got some 500k+ views on an old profile (due to a Mentos Pepsi video contest), just a warning, this is not for the fainthearted and this is also a warnin... more.
  • Online DLC delivery to overtake Retail Gamestop/Play ‘N Trade Locations?

    Posted by on August 4, 2011 under Paws Button
      History usually does repeat itself as we have learned or at least if you paid attention in school, that's what you were told anyway, and with the huge shift in online services like Netflix forcing Hollywood, Blockbuster and various other video retail franchises out of business or to move to an online equivalent, this topic is not quite the dead horse yet, but how long will it ... more.