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  • Syndicate Review | Control Your Gaming

    Posted by on March 2, 2012 under Featured, News
    EA and Starbreeze are, once again, reaching back into the 90′s to resurrect another classic series and this time we’re getting a new Syndicate game. The first two Syndicate games were real-time tactical strategy games, played from a top down perspective but this time EA is going full first-person shooter. 2012′s Syndicate forgoes strategy and tactics for firepower and cybernetic augme... more.
  • Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review | XBLA

    Posted by on February 24, 2012 under Featured, News
    Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake returns this week in American Nightmare, an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive spin-off title that sees the troubled writer chasing after his evil twin in a pulp sci-fi action romp that extends the Alan Wake story in a bold new direction. How'd it turn out? Read on to find out! By now I think everyone knows about Alan Wake’s long and winding development cycle. Reme... more.
  • Rhythm Party Review | XBLA

    Posted by on February 24, 2012 under News
    What is the deal with this game? Rythm Party from Konami makes little if any sense. Our friends at The Controller Online have the full story: Made exclusively for XBLA Kinect, Rhythm Party has fun graphics and special effects and is good to get your blood pumping. Although Konami is no stranger to the dance genre, this is only their second attempt at a Kinect dance game. With such a poor so... more.
  • 5 of the Biggest Video Game Marketing Mistakes Ever Made

    Posted by on February 19, 2012 under News
    Well as we kick off a new week in video game history and wait for Resident Evil's solution to multiplayer mayhem (namely Operation Racoon City), i'm reminded of one of the huge errors in game release history which was the 3rd edition of Unreal a release that was merely a multiplayer fragfest set of maps and excluded any 1st person story mode.  Unreal Tournament was its title.  After collecting a... more.
  • Epic Quest (Pinball FX 2) Review | Zen Studios

    Posted by on February 17, 2012 under News
    What better way to end the week than discussion of an age old passtime such as pinball.  Being a collector of actual pinball machines myself, it was definitively a pleasure getting the full scoop of the latest Epic Quest Pinball FX 2 review from our partners at TheControllerOnline.  Details below: After releasing over 20 tables for Pinball FX 2, Zen Studios needed something fresh to kee... more.
  • King Arthur 2 | RPG Opinions and Review

    Posted by on February 14, 2012 under News
    With a great map setup, and interface similar to Diablo (see picture below) along with a robust 3D engine, King Arthur 2 released on January 26th, 2012 by Paradox Interactive, King Arthur 2 tells the story of Camelot with Arthur’s realm being overrun by evil beings called the Formori.  Is this title worth gaining your attention?  Our partners at GameAspect have the full story: While K... more.
  • Gotham City Impostors Review | GameGuideDog

    Posted by on February 9, 2012 under News
    If you missed our coverage from last years E3, we included a pretty cool 'first look' video of Gotham City Imposters, a kind of Unreal Tournament style FPS multiplayer frag fest game that covers all the characters from the batman franchise as 'pretend' fakers trying to be super heroes or super villians.  Our friends at TheControllerOnline have the full story below: Have you ever read a Batma... more.
  • Otomedius Excellent Review | Xbox 360

    Posted by on February 8, 2012 under News
    Bringing back Konami shooters in a big way, Otomedius Excellent hits the charts with some serious oomph. Check the trailer and preview video below and to find out more about exactly what Otomedius Excellent really is, our partners at VGBlogger have the full story: An anime chick spin-off of the classic Gradius series, Otomedius Excellent brings retro shmup action to the Xbox 360. Unfortunat... more.
  • Crusader Kings 2 Preview

    Posted by on January 30, 2012 under Featured, News
    One of our partners recently issued a story about how closely video games are pushing forward with resembling board games, and the cross-over is definitely felt here in the Crusader Kings franchise.  With a sequel to up the previous PC version, Crusader Kings 2 gives up some of the more challenging aspects of what might remind one of full out game of Risk on steroids.  Our partners at GameAspec... more.
  • UFC Undisputed 3 Hands-On Preview

    Posted by on January 30, 2012 under Featured, News
    The time has finally come when I can play UFC Undisputed 3 and talk about it (the first rule of the UFC Alpha Test is that you don’t talk about the UFC Alpha Test). After going toe to toe for many rounds, I am even more excited to get my hands on the full game, where there is sure to be much more to get excited about. The demo that was released yesterday let’s you compete in either a UF... more.

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