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  • Steam Trading adds new item swapping and video game trading feature

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
    With all the depressing stories in video game news today, here's something you can be excited about.  Our sources inform us that Steam has a new interface which will allow you to swap items between other Steam members for video titles as well as trading outright purchases of full game downloads with others.  What makes this cool is the value across multiple titles just got hiked up immensel... more.
  • Mindscape calls it quits after 30 years

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
      Acquired by Software Toolworks in 1990, the 1983 founded company has suffered a huge loss with it's final release project. According to a company spokesperson, Mindscape put a lot of stake into the studio's PC multiplayer online battle arena gameCrasher, which according to the source was "not a success," and as a result, the company is "no longer going to work in the game so... more.
  • NBA lockout could cost video game maker $40 million

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
    Something investors never can predict is the fluctuation of real world events when they tie in to a video game's release and asset value on the shelf.  One of these collateral damage effects will be felt on the latest NBA 2K12 title as according to reports, the NBA lockout has carried over to sales of Take-Two's video game NBA 2K11, which sold 5.5 million units. 2K12 is expected to mis... more.
  • Avengers Video Game Cancelled | THQ lays off 200 devs

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
    It's not predictable, by any means, when movie tie-in projects and newly created video game projects cross over, it's hard to tell where the devs will wind up in the aftermath.  What does that mean?  It's a well known fact that these hard working game developers pour their souls into projects trying to show the best possible work and create justice for the license in hand, of course in hopes of ... more.
  • PlayStation Phone HACKED! | PS1 Emu Running

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News, Tech Bones
    Tech savvy readers are well aware of the Sony Ericcson device and it's been a slow push getting the desirability to market mainly due to lack of content and games that would make it useful.  Some folks have mentioned that having to re-purchase a PS1 title just to play it again on your phone doesn't seem fair.  Perhaps Sony will come up with an answer to this.  However, what about at present? ... more.
  • Gamescom 2011: PlayStation Prediction Report

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
      Next week is the annual Gamescom event held in Germany which is a considerably larger expo than E3 due to its open to the public policy.  What are the big predictions for Sony?  Well according to Colin Moriarty of IGN we can probably plan to hear at least about some of the following:   PlayStation 3 Price Drop The rumors have been around for over 2 years, ... more.
  • Walmart Jumps the Gun on Nintendo 3DS Price Drop

    Posted by on August 10, 2011 under News
      Wow, Walmart is the mavericky one?  Really?  Who would have thought that such a profitable franchise would resort to tactics like these to get a little extra foot traffic?  Now as far as all the reports go, does anyone know if they have permission to do so or is this just a ploy with Nintendo to get a boatload of 3DS units out the door? The Nintendo 3DS price cut isn't of... more.
  • Freebird Announces Indie Role-Playing Adventure To the Moon

    Posted by on August 9, 2011 under News
    Fans of indie PC games, this one is for you! Freebird Games has a new game called To the Moon coming out later this year, and the soundtrack is being sold to raise money for charities for autism.   Freebird Games is working away on this gem of an indie role-playing adventure, due out for PC digital download this fall. To the Moon has a very old school JRPG visual style rounded out by ... more.
  • Modern Warfare 3 Spec-Ops Survival Mode Trailer

    Posted by on August 9, 2011 under News, Trailers
    First footage of the all new co-op mode. Today, Activision released a new trailer showing off the first footage of the all new Spec-Ops Survival Trailer in Modern Warfare 3. We get our first look at this new co-op mode and so far it seems to be pretty chaotic. From the start you have only a pistol and no cash and must survive through waves of increasingly tougher enemies. As you complete the w... more.
  • Outland Review | PSN XBLA

    Posted by on August 8, 2011 under News
    Outland, a video game published by Ubisoft is about the present day, where one man had started to experience dreams and visions of the past. He attempted to take medicine to stop it, thinking that this was a medical problem, but the medicine was ineffective; something larger was at play here. Released June 14th, 2011 on PSN, and April 27, 2011 for XBLA, our game reviewing specialists have done... more.

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