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  • Rayman Origins GamesCom 2011 Trailer

    Posted by on August 18, 2011 under Trailers
      Ubisoft games has released a brand new trailer for their upcoming game Rayman Origins. With a nice bit of building momentum for the the track, we see elements for the title revealed that might remind one of Ren & Stimpy meets a Lemmings type combination. Completely animated on the verge of becoming annoying, this trailer doesn't elude to being either gameplay or cutscene specific... more.
  • Sonic Generations GamesCom 2011 Trailer

    Posted by on August 18, 2011 under Trailers
    Per our report from SEGA during this years E3, there will be a rather interesting Sonic title coming out that includes every different kind of  Sonic title within the one game, 3D, sandbox, 2D, you name it.  Well now finally at Gamescom, we get a first look at the Sonic Generations trailer.  Have a look. Here is an exciting new trailer just released for Sonic Generation. Swing back... more.
  • She’s Holding What? | Saints Row: The Third Gamescom Trailer and Screenshot

    Posted by on August 18, 2011 under Trailers
    It's a gang, it's a blast, and it's a gambling, wrestling, fix this fight, kill this guy,  mess up this $*(t, and it's all explained right here in the new Saints Row: The Third Trailer from Gamescom.  If there's any question about it being an adult content title, well, the humor seems to be anyway, take a closer look at the screenshot and you'll realized it's not the wrestler that's being a dick... more.
  • Assassins Creed Revelations Gamescom 2011 Trailer

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under Trailers
      It looks like the copyright law bill s.978 is pushing off to get in full force, as many of the gameplay videos being posted from Gamescom are being pulled as soon as they are posted. Anyways, we have the authorized video right from the source. Here is a brand new trailer from Gamescom for Assassin Creed Revelations. Assassin Creed Revelations is set to release later this year on PC, ... more.
  • Kinect Star Wars Gameplay Rancor Rampages All Over Gamescom

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under News, Trailers
    How would you like to take control of a Rancor and smash Mos Eisley, brutalize Stormtroopers and Jawas, and even rip apart AT-STs and TIE Fighters? Kinect Star Wars will allow you to do just that in its newly unveiled gameplay mode called Rancor Rampage. Rampage yourself over to VGBlogger for a look at the new gameplay video from Gamescom! ... more.
  • FIFA Street Trailer Announced | EA Comes Clean | Gamescom 2011

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under Trailers
      EA Sports has come forward and been completely honest with us and unveiled that they have a new trailer for FIFA Street. Yes, they know they've been kicked around before with the FIFA series, but the innovation of bringing kind of an underground FIFA to the surface (??) again seems to have potential. At least to the devs that so animatedly worked on it and are throwing a rave here at... more.
  • Need for Speed The Run – Buried Alive Trailer | EA Gamescom

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under Trailers
      EA and BlackBox goes live with a brand new trailer for Need For Speed: The Run titled "Buried Alive".  Insane speeds, drag racing on crisp cold new fallen snow down Independence Pass in Colorado and a semi-yawn from one of the drivers that's probably only doing 140mhp on a snowy covered curve... Um, have you checked your medication lately?   Well an epic avalanche makes this toast... more.
  • Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Gamescom Trailer

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under Trailers
      Today, Sony has released a brand-new trailer showcasing some stellar gameplay footage for Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception. Short, and sweet, and one of the favorite action sequences hijacked from pretty much every great action movie in history.  Nathan's hitching a ride on the undercarriage of a plane during take-off, discovers that during action fighting there's a really handy amo... more.
  • Resistance 3 – Follow Capelli Gamescom Trailer

    Posted by on August 17, 2011 under Trailers
    Get ready for the onslaught of exciting news from Gamescom, right? Our UK gal Cammie Day is live in Cologne, Germany porting back the best details and today we start off with an odd little story.  Insomniac games has just released a brand new Resistance 3 Trailer titled "Follow Capelli". In this trailer you'll learn a bit of background story and the history of what exactly is going on with t... more.
  • Modern Warfare 3 Spec-Ops Survival Mode Trailer

    Posted by on August 9, 2011 under News, Trailers
    First footage of the all new co-op mode. Today, Activision released a new trailer showing off the first footage of the all new Spec-Ops Survival Trailer in Modern Warfare 3. We get our first look at this new co-op mode and so far it seems to be pretty chaotic. From the start you have only a pistol and no cash and must survive through waves of increasingly tougher enemies. As you complete the w... more.

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