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Gamer Pax East 2014 — Awesomenauts, Sword & Soldiers II Preview

Awesomenauts Badge

Awesomenauts Badge

Romino has confirmed Awesomenauts will release as expected, despite publisher dtp Entertainment‘s insolvency. The side scrolling beat-’em-up arrives on the PlayStation Network in this week’s update, and will be free to PS Plus subscribers. The Xbox Live Arcade release follows as planned on May 2. No explanation was given for how the game has…

Now that the Awesomenauts Starstorm Kickstarter has concluded, digital rewards have started shipping out, and a few of them should even be in your inboxes in the next 24 hours. Specifically, keys for wallpapers, Swords & Soldiers (plus its expansion), Awesomenauts vanilla, soundtrack, and costume party pack DLC 1+2 are on the way.

Back in May, I interviewed Awesomenauts’ Producer , Robin Meijer, from Romino Games about the release of Awesomenauts. At the time of the interview, Awesomenauts was a console exclusive, seeing release on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, exclusively. Now, Romino Games is planning on bringing Awesomenauts to Steam “very soon.

Ronimo has rolled out its Secrets of Space update for Awesomenauts today on Steam and it’s time to give the multiplayer game another look. The patch will be available on PlayStation 4 at a later date — “we’ll do our best to make it as soon as possible,” says the studio — but those players should at least look over what’s in store.

Romino Games is keen to expand on Awesomenauts, its side-scrolling MOBA, but needs your help to do it. The Starstorm expansion is designed both to add to the game’s lore and content and to answer fan requests for new features. If successfully funded, it will add a spectator mode, global chatrooms, twin stick controls, and new music.

Awesomenauts has received a release date from Romino Games . The team-based shooter will be available next week through PSN, releasing on Tuesday, May 1 in North America and Wednesday, May 2 across Europe. Boasting the style of an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon, Awesomenauts sees players join up for three-on-three matches.


Front Towards Gamer Pax East 2014 -- Awesomenauts, Sword & Soldiers II Preview

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