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Angry Birds: RIO The Game Walkthrough & Preview

On April 12th “RIO: The Game” will be released a mere 4 days after the April 8th premiere of the computer-animated movie of the same name, short the “The Game” subtitle of course. The news that any particular movie would soon come with it’s own game to match wasn’t necessarily much reason for celebration in the past, and we would even go as far to say some of them have been down right opportunistic turkeys, quickly made and released to coincide with the wave of hype and popularity created by the movie of the games’ namesake, the original “Iron Man” & “Where The Wild Things Are” being two obvious examples of these recent quick movie-to-game type “cash-ins”.

Fortunately over the past few years gaming consumers have become wise to this phenomenon and started voting with their wallets, and this has forced game producers to raise the quality bar concerning these movie-to-game translations. RIO the movie, has a very “A”-list, star studded cast including Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Anne Hathaway (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), and Jamie Foxx (Ray), and it would be a shame if RIO the game did not bring at least some of this quest for quality to it’s video counterpart.

Early looks at RIO: The Game have been encouraging, going for a format a little out of sync with the usual movie-to-game translation. Instead of attempting to make “RIO” the movie’s plot bend and alter as needed to make the usual, adequate single player game translation, the creators of RIO: The Game THQ, have chosen to go a different route, making this translation very much like a “Mario Party” game. The emphasis is on multiplayer action, and gamers can play as one of the six characters from the movie; Blu or Jewel (blue parrots), Raphael (toucan), Luis (bulldog), or Pedro & Nico ( two of the movie’s other feathered characters). There are over 40 music filled mini-games to choose from (with 3 extra exclusive to the Xbox 360 version…), for up to 4 gamers to play simultaneously. RIO: The Game is available for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and the Nintendo DS. The Nintendo DS version is a different game than the 3 home console versions, as the handheld gamer pilots “Blu” over 20 different levels and 7 different locations. RIO: The Game is available on April 12th at $34.99 on PS3/Xbox 360, and $24.99 on Wii/DS.

– Prof. Benny Oblivion

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    The glutted gaming on mobile apps are nothing less than a boon for business tycoons. Just my 2 cents.

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