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Epic Mickey Walkthrough Utilidor Walkthrough Video Game Guide (Wii)

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Things to DoLearn how to use Paint
Learn how to use Thinner
Bypass the three obstaclesOutside the first chamber, Gus teaches you the basic ins and outs of working with Paint and Thinner. You learn to paint in gears, remove Paint to collapse floors and doors, and navigate Wasteland with a flick of your brush. After the tutorial, you should be ready to face the foes in the next area.Gus explains how to work with Paint and Thinner in the corridor outside the Mad Doctor’s chamber. Practice spurting and spraying your blue and green mixtures on the wall targets and the three obstacles that block your path. Don’t worry about using too much Paint or Thinner; the suits of armor and barrels scattered down the corridor provide plenty of extra resources.

Paint the middle gear above the closed door to open the lock. (Map #2) 

At the first door, you learn to use Paint. In Wasteland, painting is a powerful tool; it can create objects, start up machinery, befriend enemies, and more. Look above the door and you’ll see a translucent gear slightly below and between the two visible gears. Use Paint to fill in the translucent gear and the door will open.
Remove the painted door frame to drop the second door. (Map #3)
At the second door, Gus gives you….

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