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Dead or Alive: Dimensions Review | Nintendo 3DS

Tecmo and Team Ninja bring their popular, bouncy-boob Dead or Alive fighting series to the Nintendo 3Ds. Does it make a successful jump into the third dimension?

Dead Or Alive Dimensions Screenshot

Dead Or Alive Dimensions Screenshot

Dead Or Alive Dimensions 3DS Review

My first experience with the Dead or Alive series was with Dead or Alive 4 when it was released on the Xbox 360 shortly after the system launched in 2005. Back then I was less interested in the game’s story and more interested in the possibility of playing against complete strangers online over Xbox Live.

Not having much background in the game, I went in not expecting much considering that from the outside it seemed that the folks over at Team Ninja were focusing more on the looks of the female fighters than anything else. I was pleasantly surprised to find a fairly complex fighter containing multiple real-life fighting styles.

Dead Or Alive Dimensions 3DS Gameplay Video

Dead or Alive 4 also had one of the best final endings that I had seen up until that time, mostly due to it matching well with Aerosmith’s ‘Amazing’. Having such a good experience with the previous Dead or Alive, I was excited to get the opportunity to review the latest incarnation released for the Nintendo 3DS: Dead or Alive: Dimensions.

As you’re probably heard, this game contains many firsts for the Dead or Alive franchise. Aside from being in 3D, it’s the first game to appear on a Nintendo system and the first Dead or Alive fighter on a handheld system (Editor’s note: that crappy Dead or Alive Paradise perv sim does NOT count!) It’s also the first Dead or Alive fighter release by Team Ninja without any input from the franchise’s creator, Tomonobu Itagaki. Other than these facts, I went into this game blind not knowing what to expect other than what I’d previously experienced with Dead or Alive 4.

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