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5 Reasons why NOT to buy Battlefield 3 | So they say…

We usually don’t go for the reverse ‘hype’ topics nor do we generally miscondone a game title, especially before it’s released, however in the case of the report on (site omitted), that’s exactly what they have done. (GamerID omitted) states his own opinion and has attempted to somewhat bash Battlefield 3, and here’s the excerpts for the 5 reasons they feel it’s not worth a purchase, and our 5 answers to why they are completely wrong.

(Update and retraction): It appears the original article has now been pulled but to the defense of the site itself, the (site omitted) contributor did say it was his own opinions and did not reflect the views of the overall site.

All that declared, here’s excerpts of what he said, and what we have to say. 🙂

* Only runs at 30 frames per second
(gamerID omitted): It’s almost inexcusable for a game with a heavy competitive online focus to only give us a measly 30 frames per second.

GameGuideDog: Um, 30fps is realtime video. That’s the same rate we see things if we never blink.

* We’ve seen little to no console footage
(gamerID omitted): We are only a few months away from the release of Battlefield 3, yet we’ve seen absolutely no console footage from the Xbox 360 and only a brief couple of minutes of PlayStation 3 footage on the Jimmy Fallon show.

GameGuideDog: Again, what has been shown looked incredible, fun and awesome. Failed attempt #2.

* Vehicles
(gamerID omitted): I’ve never been a fan of games that had vehicles of mass destruction.

GameGuideDog: Then don’t play them.

*Only has 4 person squad based chat
(gamerID omitted): This is huge for me, I cannot stress enough how I feel about this. The game on consoles is only twelve versus twelve, so why don’t they implement a way to voice chat with your whole team?

GameGuideDog: Okay this is actually an almost decent complaint, however it probably has to do with talking to 12 people at once becoming as annoying as your first 3 complaints.

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

Battlefield 3 Screenshot

*What If Battlefield 3 is successful?
(gamerID omitted): There is a huge feud between Call Of Duty fans and people who frankly want Call Of Duty to die out or lose some of its luster. I think a lot of the people who are claiming that they will buy Battlefield 3 are mostly blowing smoke, but I wonder if Battlefield 3 is successful what that will mean?

GameGuideDog: After reading that last complaint 5 times, I still don’t see how or why this could be a complaint. It sounds more like you are extremely confused and need to get fragged a few times by GGD’s team when Battlefield 3 comes out and decide for yourself why you just suck.

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