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Alan Wake: Night Springs confirmed for XBox Live


An all new XBox Live Arcade release issue of Alan Wake is on it’s way entitled Night Springs according to official press.  Previously, remedy had confirmed that more Alan Wake was on the way soon, and hinted that the series might be coming to multiple platforms. But we didn’t know anything concrete until now. We only were aware there was no DLC for Alan Wake 1 and the sequel was not to be entitled Alan Wake 2. has now stated that “an extremely trusted source”, that Night Springs is in development as a downloadable, all-new XBLA title. They even reportedly have screenshots of the game but are not allowed to release them. Previously the site confirmed Gotham City Imposters way back in February, when it was just announced recently. So they were right that time, maybe this time as well.

We will of course be covering this for you directly from E3 2011. 

Alan Wake Night Springs Gameplay Footage

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