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Avengers Video Game Cancelled | THQ lays off 200 devs

It’s not predictable, by any means, when movie tie-in projects and newly created video game projects cross over, it’s hard to tell where the devs will wind up in the aftermath.  What does that mean?  It’s a well known fact that these hard working game developers pour their souls into projects trying to show the best possible work and create justice for the license in hand, of course in hopes of being pushed on to the next bigger better product.  Such may not be the case for the THQ team that is being laid off.

THQ, Inc., the video game company behind Red Faction: Armageddon andSaints Row announced yesterday that they would be closing two of their studios and eliminating 200 positions, or approximately 12% of their workforce. The California-based company will be closing their Australia offices in Melbourne and in Brisbane; the Brisbane office is where primary development on The Avengers video game (based on the upcoming Whedon-helmed film) has taken place.

On a good note, those willing to relocate to a beautiful country  have a direct offer from Sega Studios Australia, now the biggest game developer in Australia, is reportedly ‘providing opportunities’ to recently terminated THQ staff.

Via Shadowlocked

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