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Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

batorg-guideHere’s where you can find the complete online and mobile view-able Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough. The walkthrough is spoiler free and will get you from start to finish for this epic thrilling prequel entry to the Arkham franchise developed and published.

Here are some of the gamer community comments on what they expect from Batman Arkham Arkham Origins.

The Hunt for Batman Begins!

A young, raw, and unrefined Batman faces a defining moment in his career as a crime fighter when Gotham City’s most dangerous villains and assassins rise up to take him out. Can Batman overcome all of the deadly traps that have been set for him to discover the truth?

Jellybeanmaster: When i first heard this game was getting multiplayer i said “oh no not this game too”. But then i saw the gameplay and was put at ease when i learned the multiplayer was handled by a different team. But i see they added multiplayer trophies to the mix. Those are the WORST! Any trophy that requires dependancy on other players are almost impossible to achieve and it kills me cuz i platinumed the two previous games and i just cant take knowing i cant platinum this game.


ThePaleRider: Why does this game have mulitplayer to begin with? Yea it’s interesting but some games honestly don’t need multiplayer because it’s not the best way to ensure that people will continue to keep playing your game. It works for games like COD or BF because they are centered around mulitplayer and they have a big emphasis on mulitplayer. I felt the same about the new Tomb Raider.. like why? I understand a different team was working on it but still I know when I pick it up I’m probably never gonna touch the multiplayer. I mean it seems like they threw in multiplayer for the sake of saying, “Here’s the real difference between this and Arkham City.”











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