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bat4guideLet’s have a look at the important details surrounding Battlefield 4.  For EA Digital Illusions this is no doubt one of the biggest hits this fall. The highly anticipated Battlefield 4 utilizes major tweaks and updates to its original graphics engine.  Battlefield 3 was built on the Frostbite engine which allowed for chaotic destruction of the environment similar to the Red Faction GeoMOD engine which allowed for nearly unlimited random map destruction.  The Frostbite engine of present day provides this along with nearly unlimited draw distance.

Imagine blowing holes through the wall of the 17th floor of a building, grabbing a helicopter on the roof, flying 50 miles out from the zone, then returning to the same spot and still being able to confirm your damage to the map.  We have yet to confirm this for Battlefield 4, but it’s an experiment worth testing to confirm if Frostbite 3 still comes equipped for calculation storing of this magnitude with scenery detail at the level seen previously in Battlefield 3.  Add this mechanic to multi-player destruction and you can see how much more complex and complicated this level of information becomes when sending it over the wire.

Now with EA’s Frostbite 3 engine, even more crisp clear detail is attainable and the platform lends to what we can expect from the PS4 and XBox One’s abilities.  Multi-millions of pixel adjusting calculations per second almost baffles the mind, but with the vast memory space available on a multi-readable blu-ray (meaning the large storage capability can be written into the same location on the disk multiple times and read with different color lasers)  thus expanding capabilities for either a larger physical map or macro specific graphic detail, the only limitation lays within the graphic engine’s calculation makeup itself and its ability to algorithmically assign multi-threaded graphical tasks hyper-effectively.

Either way, it’s eye candy beyond what the naked eye can fathom, yet the detail has been carefully constructed avoiding any overuse of modeling texture, vying to prevent repeating as much as possible which makes everything that is as original as the last clip you’ve just traversed.  (If given the time to appreciate since the game play design in the Battlefield series will always keep you moving as quickly as possible, that is, unless you are in single campaign mode and between major resistance confrontations.)

Regardless of where or when you can take a moment to breath in the awesome art design provided via the countless hours of work invested from EA’s top level graphic experts, the detail at this level can be enjoyed within the Battlefield environment per each of the previously experienced means, which would be either from land, sea or air.

The official most sought after resources you will find for Battlefield 4 walkthrough game play assistance are included on this Battlefield 4 walkthrough review.  With the wiki’s and full textual game walkthrough guides as resources you will be assured of maintaining the top level of expert maneuvers and keeping yourself ahead of the curve.  Be a force to be reckoned with by staying in the ‘know’ before it hits servers in your neighborhood.

Notably there will be releases at IGN with their usual claim that the Battlefield 4 wiki guide at IGN will attempt to provide user submitted walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, strategies to beat your friends and more. This system requests that you help other players by adding to the wiki yourself.  Generally a successful approach for much needed Intel, provided your fellow gamer isn’t holding out, or worse providing with erroneous detail.

Of course there’s the globally recognized “GameGuidedog” which not only provides in depth detail in both text and visual aids with a complete online Battlefield 4 Walkthrough, but also updates further assistance with validated confirmed additional details. These updates to Intel and gameplay specifics are verified for accuracy before getting appended to its Battlefield 4 online text walkthrough.  Additional details are added based on their members’ requests justifying the reason for  a small membership contribution.   A solid way of gate-protecting you from invalid information, spoilers, or worse, other game contributors out to intentionally push misinformation into the typical ‘wiki’ style platform.

You might also want to check out with their own independently published Battlefield 4 Guide.

Additionally worthy of mention, many tend to rely on the reliable and noteworthy and their Battlefield 4 walkthrough guide is located here.

This article would not be complete without strongly urging gamers to check out GameFaqs.  The GameFaqs Battlefield 4 Faqs, are user submitted walkthroughs that generally have a good variety of test documents and also include a forum as well as a Q&A area for granular game help requests.

It is yet undetermined at the time of this writing if Gamespot will be providing an online guide, and it is also worth noting that their new layout has had some page load performance issues.  Not to say the new doesn’t look tremendously awesome over the previous overhaul, but it might be a drupal platform issue with concurrent connections or perhaps some content marketing snooping they are working on that might be slowing up delivery speed.  Hope to see it improve as Gamespot is one our favorite resources and one of the world’s largest hubs for great game news, occasionally publishing in depth walkthrough guides, as well as useful consumer on topic conversations.

Last but not least by any means you could always pick up the official hardcopy Battlefield 4 Strategy Guide available on or at your local Gamestop published by Prima.

Are you ready for the next level of Battlefield entertainment?  Do you anticipate this installation to be better than the next Call of Duty: Ghosts release?  Let us know in the comments below.


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