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Diablo (1997) | Best Games | Action RPG | Blizzard Entertainment

For today’s “best game” we commend Blizzard for the original Diabo. If it’s an Excel spreadsheet you’re engaged with, clicking on things can be kind of boring. If it’s Diablo, however, the same simple mechanic magically turns out to be utterly enthralling, possibly because, unlike with Microsoft’s fine suite of productivity software, everything you click on in Diablo rewards you in some lavish, palpable manner.

Enemies explode in bursts of blood or collapse into rickety piles of bone, brave warriors race nimbly to the spot indicated and await your command, and loot, lovely lovely loot, disappears straight into your inventory for another of Diablo’s unlikely sound pleasures, stat comparison, and item management. Diablo isn’t just a pretty isometric dungeon crawler, it’s the best pretty isometric dungeon crawler. A simple often almost gloriously brainless trek through gloomy caverns filled with monsters and treasures, all of wich you interact with through single stabs at the mouse and a few carefully timed hot keys.

Will our fearless gamer defeat Diablo in this video? Watch to find out and reminisce with us!

Blizzard’s technicians spent a lot of time and money working on the procedural generation of the game’s subterranean spaces, meaning that items, enemies, and geography would be different each time you loaded the game up, and the pleasures of exploration would theoretically, never have to end. The result truly is a game that seems to keep on giving.


Diablo 1997 from Blizzard Entertainment

By today’s standards, Diablo’s classes, characters, and teetering piles of rewards are actually rather shallow, but the game still exerts a wonderful fascination each time you return to its caverns. It’s so simple that practically anyone can learn the basics, and so rich and textured that even seasoned pros will find themselves coming back for more. To this very day, its basic skeleton-smacking formula has barely been improved upon.

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