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Blogging Video Game Conquers Worldwide Audience

If you hadn’t noticed, we’ve joined ManseAdvance.  What is that you ask?

Mindpoint Software Technology has put together a content driven video game that encourages other quality website authors to write about your content and provide you with backlinks.

As a site owner you are probably well aware that webmaster guidelines are pretty vague on how to actually acquire backlinks.  They do list all the ways NOT to, however all they suggest to getting good public interest is writing good content and “chances are greater someone will want to link to it”.

To solve the problem altogether David J. Garfield (a developer from Microsoft and GT Interactive), examined the problem from a different perspective.  What would be a reason someone would link to your content instead of just re-writing it in their own words?   In addition, how would this new content even be discovered by other authors?

The answer:  ManseAdvance.  If you are a decent author, you might be surprised to know many other writers are also looking at your content for reference.  When you have a good piece of internet real estate to offer another author, the proof is in the video game.

Adhering to all webmaster guidelines, link backs (not to be confused with backlinks), are provided to fellow authors pre-screened for quality with a rel=”no follow” tag from your pages.  Why would someone want a no-follow linkback?  The video game itself is pretty interesting on this front.

Similar to monopoly where if you get four houses you can upgrade to a hotel, a similar concept is built into ManseAdvance.   Site owners strive to increase the level of their sitewide castle to display a higher starting point on all their pages new or old.   Each page is like its own property earning ‘advancements’ by the quality backlinks it receives which individually increases the score for the sitewide castle advance.

With a total of fifteen levels ranging from basic manse to royal estate there are also fun addons to enhance your websites game castle that you can acquire to further display to your readers that the quality of your site is up to snuff.  Along with giving site visitors more reading material on a targeted topic, the game itself automatically brings in the additional authors in the same niche (which is why they are visiting your site in the first place) who will then want to grab a placement on your pages game tile by writing up more insight and giving your content ‘do follow’ backlinks.

With an ever increasing index of websites running the video game, Manse Advance appears to be a solid solution for engaging with social media elements, expanding readership to a larger audience, as well as forwarding the authority of a website.

There’s a demo video and a how it works section of the blogging video game at the website that describes the game in more detail.

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