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Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough video guide and Review | PC

The newest version of BoulderDash is coming to the masses, and GameGuideDog will have a full Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough just for you. Click the guide at the top of this page for the complete Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough video guide. We are extremely pleased to have access to this title for your support.

Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough Screenshot

Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough Screenshot

Boulder Dash has been and always will be one of our favorite games. It’s kind of the root of all our video gaming pleasures since the original release back in the 80’s. Most of our techs still sport one version of Boulder Dash or another on their mobile devices up to this day. That said Boulder Dash XL has been one of those titles we were pretty upset about having to wait additional months to get our hands on.

In Boulder Dash XL Rockford will burrow his way through various stages causing rocks to fall and having to strategically put enemies at the other end of a falling boulder’s business. Usually no way around things otherwise as there are no weapons for the most part in Boulder Dash XL, making anything and everything you do most definitely your own fault when you either lock yourself in somewhere or simply get crushed or eaten by an enemy butterfly, drowned, or consumed by an omeeba.

We anticipate with high hopes that they will port Boulder Dash XL to the portable and gaming consoles as soon as possible although nothing to date has been set according to FirstStar Software, Catnip Games or Kalypso.

Boulder Dash XL is scheduled for release this month on July 13th for the PC. Remember, again if you need assistance or a walkthrough for any of the frustratingly challenging levels of Boulder Dash XL, click the strategy guide book at the top of this page for the complete Boulder Dash XL Walkthrough video guide.

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