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Boy Loves Girl gets updated before Valentines Day | iPhone

If you’ve heard the latest ‘cuteness’ craze in the appworld, you’ll no doubt have crossed paths with the subtle and addictive “Boy Loves Girl” game that has your lil dude running around to all ends of the the earth to collect smiles, moons, animals, gifts and whatever else the lil gal desires to win over her heart.   Well the game was recently updated and since we only touched on it a few months ago, and it’s close to that ‘love’ holiday, we thought it warranted a full review.

First, lets ask , is Boy Loves Girl in it’s objective choice a materialistic wrongdoing in its simple story concept?   The answer is a very solid NO!    Poetic licenses was engineered in an imaginative and endearing way to ensure this was not just a “Material Girl” that ‘Boy’ longs for.   When a person takes action to please another and win them over, a personal human revolution occurs when you reach success. There’s even some good insight to be learned by playing “Boy Loves Girl”.  Collecting the moon on a string has to catch your attention if you are any kind of romantic.

That said, games are good for things and this one is both fun, and will keep your potential in the right place.   Just like if you wanted to get good at catching deer you could play deer-hunter. Want to get better at managing a football team or learn to fly a plane?  There’s Madden or Flight Simulator for that.  Want to learn where your heart should be to win over a girl?  Play Boy Loves Girl.    (Um, no we didn’t say ‘playboy… we said “Play Boy Loves Girl”….
My brother worked at a gym as a fitness instructor and there was one gal he adored and, as she was a model, she was not going to be easy to get interested.  His success finally occurred after making her a fat-free chocolate cheesecake from scratch.  I know it was from scratch since I’d helped him look for this ‘filo dough’ ingredient the recipe called for.   She was swooned by him finally, but keep in mind, this was after potentially 4 or 5 other failed attempts.

So if you are up for the challange, get yourself into a relaxing mindspace and hit your iPhone with the (now only $.99) Boy Loves Girl app and you’ll be way ahead of the game come Valentine’s Day.   To spread our love, GameGuideDog scored this app examining the music, visuals, controls, and creativity and gives this title an adoring 4.8 out of 5!!  

Don’t miss out and make sure you show your girlfriend all the hard work you’ve been doing between text messages so she knows just how much you love her!



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