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Call of Duty Ghosts Walkthrough

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Call of Duty Ghosts Walkthrough

GameGuidedog’s Call of Duty: Ghosts Walkthrough Strategy Guide includes:

  • In-depth coverage of all the new innovations, revised game modes, and the latest arsenal additions. Learn everything that’s new to Call of Duty and gain the edge over your competition!
  • Exclusive, highly detailed single-player and multiplayer maps depict every level—we reveal weapon and ammo positions, collectible locations, and campaign and multiplayer objectives.
  • Complete campaign walkthrough leads you step-by-step through the entire game from start to finish.
  • Comprehensive multiplayer coverage: expert tactics from tournament pros for solo and team-based play, every game mode, ranking up, all the weapons, attachments, challenges, and pointstreaks.
  • Create-a-Class advice custom tailors your loadout for the game modes, the maps, the team roles, and the play styles you want to master.

Call of Duty: Ghosts marks Infinity Ward’s return to one of gaming’s most innovative and celebrated franchises. The hallmark intensity returns in an epic single-player campaign that sees a devastated United States toppled from its superpower perch. Plus, Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the ultimate multiplayer shooter experience to a whole new level, with expanded gameplay features and high-tech weapons, all-new MP environments, enhanced modes of play, and much more!

Remember, if you are stuck stumped or frustrated, make sure to check out the complete online Call of Duty Ghosts Walkthrough as well as the Call of Duty Ghosts Intel secrets documents in the members area!

Player comments and opinions:

Baddadd from Europe says:

So the pre-order for Cod Ghost was just charged 69.99€ (yes we in europe pay around 50% more for the same download, only the holy scam god knows why). So with all other games in european PSN now we would be able to pre-download it. But there isnt a download ? It stil stays November 5th 12am ??

Usually we can download everything before release as a pre-download which activates on release day at midnight, but Sony NEVER tells us about it, unless we complain so much that it even gets to gaming media like eurogamer as with GTA 5, and they for the first time ever told us about the pre-download in advance and gave a time.


I know for the US they do a pre-download now too for the first time with Ghost, and they told you the date ? Why not europe ?? We are their best customers.Also the store descriptions say in web-store we can buy an upgrade for ps4 but its not there.

Are we supposed to check every hour if the download is up?

Response: The US can pre-load it at 3PM PST, iono what time that translates to in the EU. Allegedly it wont unlock until 12 Midnight PST on the 5th, which sucks for me on the East coast. Don’t know if i helped any.

Cheaters Ahoy in the Beta Lobbies of Call of Duty: Ghosts

GGD Member says: All level 60 hackers have max perks with miniguns, some even have a UAV hack showing all the enemy players on the mini map in their positions in real time….this game is already broken before it officially comes out

GGD Replies: Many of the live streamers have already mentioned the presence of cheaters. Fully prestiged, golden guns, all perks, etc.. It was only a matter of time…and with this franchise, that means before release day.

Night Drifter thinks: Could it be because the game isn’t officially out yet so they aren’t policing the online game? I guess some of you have never played these game’s before release because it’s been the same way ever year since MW2 and yes, even Treyarch’s game’s all had pre-release hackers that get dealt with upon release. And from the livestream’s I’ve been watching I haven’t seen that many hacker’s at least not as many as MW2 and BO1 had pre-release.

Pilchard 8 Chimes in with a user review Call of Duty Ghosts:

Just had a long session on Ghost – having played all the Call of Duty series online I can honestly say so far this is the worst. Im no troll so im just going to explain the good points and the bad in my opinion.


Design a soldier system – lots of options here, patches, uniforms, faces etc, more focused on making your character unique

More variety of game modes – blitz, hunter, etc. some of these look promising not had chance to try them yet

Satcom system – works suprising well, theres still UAV spam it just takes longer – planting can be annoying as its like a sentry gun

Field operations – random objectives you can get in game which unlocks a care package –


Create a class system – Everything is unlocked from the start and are purchased with squad points which you get from leveling up and operations. Doesnt seem to be any incentive to level up, rank doesnt mean much when you can get anything you want.

Weapons – looking at the damage charts already (might not be correct), all guns in each class seem to be the same, some come with attachments which are built into the gun, which makes some guns seem obselete. Theres no AA launcher or ‘fun’ weapons either.

Game modes – no search and destroy and no ground war, 2 major game modes

Maps – there way bigger than before, can take awhile to find people, doesnt help theres no GW. Dynamic features seem like a gimmick, not seen many in action and when they do the map doesnt change much. Theres alot like MW3 in design with all the random clutter and invisible barriers you cant climb on

Leaning feature – the series is too fast for this, takes awhile to get in position unless your camping the corner, aim sometimes goes wierd when activating it and ive died a few times as my head has been peaking out even though it says im in cover

Killstreaks – the packages are back which i didnt like from mw3, you can only earn them through kills not points and some seem useless for the amount required.

New ideas – doesnt feel like theres anything new here, i know cod each year is the same but each one has something unique to it (blops 2 – point system)

Spawns – still bad as ever, worse than blops2

No challenges for exp – theres 5 operations which resest after a set time (like contracts in blops) which give exp but there doesnt seem to be any universal ones for your career which brings me to the next point

Leveling – played 8 hours and only level 17, takes ages to level and im averaging top 5 every game, this might change on release

Heres some points which will hopefully get fixed:

Lag – terrible, teleporting everywhere, host migrations, really unstable,

Hackers – first game i joined and there was someone level 60, 10th prestige, all perks, gold guns, constant oracle/uav up, flashing coloured name, quite common, i just leave if there on.

Well thats it, very long winded post but sums up the game in my opinion, hopefully some of this will change on release and with patches. I was still continue to play as everything migrates fo the latest one and you never know i might eventually like it!

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