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Cars 2 Walkthrough | Cars 2: The Video Game Walkthrough

Cars 2 Walkthrough Details:

The Cars 2 walkthrough video game guide will get you from start to finish for this epic driving game by Disney Interactive based on the popular motion picture release. Our Cars 2 walkthrough is compatible for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Cars 2 video game. Also don’t forget that the Cars 2 walkthrough includes all the bonus extras and secret areas you wish you could find!

Cars 2 Walkthrough

Cars 2: The Video Game Box Art

Our opinion of this title is that the game is overall pretty incredible, the graphics are smooth and fun to watch, and playing missions is just s dream. Basically the cars 2 video game would be perfect even if there never was a movie made to coincide with it. Granted it’s a younger demographic that will love it, for the most part, we really enjoyed crafted the Cars 2 walkthrough and the team assigned to playing it never once complained.

Cars 2 Walkthrough Screenshot

Cars 2 Walkthrough Screenshot

Despite the lack of online play the very unique options in Cars 2: The Video Game that make it so much fun are the fact that you can use reverse gears as a means to battle, rocket launchers, and even a jump button (sure why not right?) So even if you are never even considering seeing the Disney Pixar film, the Cars 2: Video Game is a first class movie tie-in that has done a bona-fide job of making racing the characters from the film quite a bit of fun. It does include split-screen for up to four players at a time which grants this game a huge set of pluses.

Again, don’t forget to click the strategy guide at the the top of this page to get the Cars 2 walkthrough.

Here is a sample video of the Cars 2: The Video Game

Cars 2: The Video Game – Gameplay Video HD

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