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Catherine Walkthrough | PS3 XBox 360

This is the full strategy guide for the video game. The Catherine Walkthrough will get you through from start to finish for this thrilling action adventure video game from Atlus. If you are seeking assistance or need help click the strategy guide at the top of this page to access the Catherine Walkthrough.

Catherine Walkthrough

Catherine Walkthrough

Catherine is an “out there” puzzle kind of game which provides adventure and intrigue in a new way. Not the same as RPG’s like Pesona, Atlus brings a new concept to the table this time with Catherine. Here is the synopsis via Metacritic:

“Vincent is a normal salaryman with a somewhat normal life, With a girlfriend of 5 years or so named Katherine, Katherine is pushing to get married, and Vincent is a bit afraid to do the final tie-downs. During a night of drinking and contemplation of marrying with Katherine, Vincent meets a rather beautiful, young girl by the name of Catherine. Catherine’s charms and beauty are just enough to sway the intoxicated Vincent into sleeping with her, and after that night of sleeping with this mysterious girl, Vincent begins to have horrible nightmares of falling, and strange sheep men. The nightmares are slowly getting worse, and Vincent can’t shake off this strange feeling that Katherine knows of his cheating on her, as if that wasn’t enough, Vincent learns of unfaithful men, dying in their sleep, and his friend tells rumors of dreams….”When you have dreams of when you’re falling and you can’t wake up, you’ll never wake up again, and die.”

Since the title has a questionably large amount of adult content, this game is not to be taken lightly as some kind of joke. It’s a true and valued project which will either see great heights with the respect of gamers, or wind up in the bargain bin, but from what our team has seen of the game, it’s ultimately something worth playing and challenging at that. Along the lines of perhaps a Leisure Suit Larry game, the concepts and artwork are obviously derived from Japanese anime and brings a new take on an old formula with a who-dun-nit twist.

Again, if you are in need of the Catherine walkthrough, make sure to click the book at the top of this page to get access to the complete Catherine Walkthrough Strategy Guide.

Catherine Gameplay Video

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