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Child of Eden PlayStation Move Review | GameGuideDog

The pseudo psychedelic Kinect title has now launched for the PS Move and our avid reviewers compare and let us know what is up with Child of Eden, which has finally launched for PS3 today a few months behind the Xbox 360 release earlier in the summer. VGBlogger takes a closer look at how PS Move motion controls were implemented:

First released in June for Xbox 360, Q? Entertainment’s Child of Eden, the psychedelic, multi-sensory rail shooter successor to Rez, makes its long-awaited debut on PS3 this week. It’s a spectacular game. This is how I succinctly described it in my previous review of the Xbox 360 edition:

“Imagine tripping out on a hallucinogenic drug while listening to pulsing techno music, staring into a kaleidoscope, and experiencing the most intense orgasm of your entire life, all at the same time. That’s what playing Child of Eden is like.”

Nothing has changed in the jump to PS3 (except that the PS3 version supports stereoscopic 3D for even crazier visuals, if you have a compatible TV), so consult my original review for more basic details about the game and why I believe it’s totally worth buying, regardless of platform or control method. However, since I wasn’t able to test the optional Kinect control scheme the first time around, I would like to take a moment to tell you about how the game functions as a motion control experience.

Pay a visit to VGBlogger to learn more about how Child of Eden works with PlayStation Move.

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