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City Tuesday an Indie Title coming from Chris Zukowski

We’d like to start this week off for you with word from the underground, from an underdog… however you want to say it. What we love about games is the excitement and innovations that inspire developers and game minded creators to develop new and interesting games.

City Tuesday is one of these indie titles that looks to be interesting. With an appearance that might remind you of the opening titles of ‘Catch Me If You Can”, the object of City Tuesday is to replay the same 5 minutes trying to deter a terrorist bombing on a train station, aiport, or bank and other locals in the city, details are limited at the moment.

Being compared to Groundhog Day by other reports, we’d like to mention that this premise is extremely similar to Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal (a movie worth catching if you missed it), where a Chicago train gets bombed and the poetic license details that a person retains the last 8 minutes of their life, whereas the military inserts Jake into the mind of a passenger on the train to keep repeating the experience learning more each time to disable the bomb and find the terrorist. Of course this comparison is in no way meant to diminish the coolness of City Tuesday, but to describe it in simple terms that hopefully will excite you enough as well to be interested in giving the title your interest.

Chris Zukowski was interviewed by California Literary Review and explains that after attending a video game show and gaining inspiration, on his trek back home he passed this sign:

It was the emotionless images in the warning sign that started the wheels turning as he set off to create a Pitfall-esk homage (we are reminded of the C-64’s Agent USA actually), now to be known as City Tuesday which is expected to release later this summer as a digital download.

City Tuesday Screenshot

City Tuesday Screenshot

Again, we give homage to the underdogs that should be brought to light to the gaming community. Below is a video clip of the game itself, and make sure to check out Chris’s blog and updates on the title here: City Tuesday (Return To Adventure Mountain Blog)
City Tuesday Gameplay Video Trailer



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