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Crusader Kings 2 Preview

One of our partners recently issued a story about how closely video games are pushing forward with resembling board games, and the cross-over is definitely felt here in the Crusader Kings franchise.  With a sequel to up the previous PC version, Crusader Kings 2 gives up some of the more challenging aspects of what might remind one of full out game of Risk on steroids.  Our partners at GameAspect have more details below:

In the upcoming title, Crusader Kings II, by Paradox Interactive, you take on the role of a landed nobleman (or noblewoman) of  Western Europe (non-Pagan, non-Muslim), fighting off ill-born sons and frightful poxes. From all corners of the map you will face adversity in the form of unruly neighbors or vengeful Mongolian hoards; closer to home you might even feel the bitter sting that is a bastard child or an unfaithful wife. But hey, you could always throw them in jail and feed the key to your jester.

Read the full story at our partners site: GameAspect



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