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Dark Souls Review | PS3 XBox 360

Dark Souls is hard to beat, and we aren’t saying in ratings or gameplay value even though the marks are on the highest side for this new game as well, so make sure to grab your copy of the Dark Souls Walkthrough right here for the complete strategy to get you through the game with the least amount of death involved.

Giving all the latest details for Dark Souls it’s not surprising that so much hype and fan flare has occurred during a launch competing with other big titles like Rage or Spiderman Edge of Time brings Dark Souls from the depths of the deep to the top of the cream for numbers of units sold, but when it comes to the counterpoint of gamers opinions some things about this game might not fit the bill for everyone.

Dark Souls Screenshot

Dark Souls Screenshot


The bonfire respawning of all monsters is a big pro or con depending on whom you are talking with, and thankfully boss monsters are not respawned as that would make regenerating somewhat pointless, however the travel into areas with monsters so much more powerful than yourself with no way to conquer seems to be the largest annoyance factor for most.

Even some ghost entities being invincible might make one a tad bit perturbed and with all that aside, most gamers can look the other way (or run fast enough anyway) to not have this complaint get in the way of their fun.  Others don’t feel this way and well, that demographic simply will not enjoy Dark Souls.

Our excellent partners at TheControllerOnline have provide a full breakdown of what to enjoy, what to hate, and what to enjoy hating in their full Dark Souls Review, excerpt below:

From Software are taking the formula that worked so well in the hugely popular, PS3 exclusive, Demon Souls and expanding it into an open world. While not a sequel, Dark Souls has the elements that made its successor great; high difficulty, tense gameplay and an atmosphere that is unforgettable. This game will take you back to a time when finishing a game was hard to do, but will rarely leave you frustrated. You won’t find an RPG that will leave you feeling more satisfied with each victory than Dark Souls.

Read more at The Controller Online.

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