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Dead Block Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360

Dead Block Walkthrough Screenshot

Dead Block Walkthrough Screenshot

The Dead Block walkthrough video guide is here, ready to get you scrambling, electrocuting, and hybrid trapping all the zombies you can eat, er, kill…  With the full Dead Block walkthrough strategies, you’ll be able to master every level from start to finish so be sure to click the game walkthrough book at the top of this page!

In Dead Block you set up all kinds of nifty little traps to kill the zombie invasion in a rather cartoonistic and humoristic way.  The title created by CandyGun is actually a strategy game as well as the shoot em up zombie attack action adventure it appears to be.  Why?

It takes some thinking, clicking, hunting and experimenting to get past each of the zones without any damage.  You can have zombies attack eachother, toast them, fry them, sting them, nuke them, and well, the list goes on.  It’s time to rock their socks off!

Dead Block is available on PSN, XBLA, or PC digital download and releases July 6th, 2011.

If you find yourself stuck stumped or frustrated with a particular area make sure to click the walkthrough strategy book at the top of this page and grab yourself the full Dead Block walkthrough.

Dead Block Walkthrough Gameplay Video

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