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Dead Island Screenshot Gallery | Dead Island Wallpapers

Get a load of our Dead Island screenshots and wallpapers gallery! Here are the latest screencaps and artworks from the game direct from Square Enix. Is it just us, or do a few of these remind you of DOOM 3?  Well regardless, many of these awesome captures will make just the perfect desktop wallpaper if you um, work in a liberal environment go ahead and snap them up!  If you are as big a fan of the Dead Island promotions as we are, you’ll drool and foam at the mouth over these great new screen images we just released.

Dead Island is an soon to be released open-world first-person horror game that puts the emphasis on melee-combat via all kinds of weapons that you can find scattered about the tropical paradise. In addition to a highly interactive environment, the game also incorporates RPG elements, co-operative play, customizable weaponry, customizable vehicular combat and experience points and skill tree systems.







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