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Diablo 3 App Tells You if Your Ready To Run It

General overall score from critiques and fans alike give it a 9.4 out of 10 and that’s before release! Along with the complaints from a demographic outside of the ‘diablo’ fanbase that tend to whine about how the graphics appear too simple. The primary focus of Diablo 3 is to bring back a legendary engine with somewhat more appealing graphics to the largest audience possible, which means, making it capable of running on an older PC system.

Diablo III Install Requirements

With the hype and excitement of the upcoming Diablo III coming out next week, many are scrambling (or waiting) to build, upgrade, or mod their PC’s to handle the blessed eye candy. Having played D2 myself for well over 6 years straight, it’s no wonder the value of a PC title super exceeds the console complaint discussion. Even if D3 will eventually get ported by i’m not holding my breath.

It’d be good to know that there’s a website that will safely check your PC for requirements of any product. It’s formerly known as: with a redirect to the systemrequirementslab website.

The application to check your hardware does require a windows install, and yes it’s entirely safe. We checked.

It’s another good point to note that if you have an older system, using an older video card on the cheap might be all you need to get your system up to spec. It’s hard to say for sure, and it’s more than obvious that testing entries will be posted everywhere for systems that are under the minimal requirements (including the Ghz spec)… but we’ll all have to wait to find out what those results are.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Diablo 3 Walkthrough and resource wiki from GameGuideDog

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