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Disney Castle of Illusion Walkthrough | PC PS3 XBox 360

disneycastlebookHere you’ll find the complete Disney Castle of Illusion walkthrough online strategy guide for the PC PS3 and XBox 360  that will get you from start to finish for this updated masterpiece.

Here’s some additional tips to get you started:

In Disney Castle of Illusion what is the best way to avoid a certain attack on the last boss?
The light quick tap on the button instead of a full press is the trick all right.   There are certain places where you can stand where you wont be hit like lust below the bottom right (4 o clock) pillar.

Disney Catle of Illusion user opinion.

Mickey Controls like leaf floating on the wind. There is not weight or punch to any of his movement and despite him being strangely accurate he feels twicthy—-without being twitchy!?

Also this game proves to me that sometimes using orchestral themes isn’t always the way to go. All the excellent music of the original has turned into a droopy wet and soft and have lost ALOT of character to the point of pure disappointment because I found the music of the original Castle of illusion (master system and Mega drive) to be awesome still to this day WHERE IS THE ORIGINAL STORM THEME?!

The boss music!? The Last boss theme?!

Tuzncote says:

I missed out on the original mega drive for a year or so after release. I had the Master System version but did complete them all when they were “fresh”.

There was alot in the game that had me scratching my head if they were in the original my memory of the bosses is completely shot. I only remember the tree and the jack in the box. Then I start getting confused with Land of Illusion for the master system.

Reviewer Overall Experiance with Disney Castle of Illusion new release:

The story of this game is simple, someone has kidnapped Minnie and you as Mickey must go save. The story of why I like this game is different, I bought this for my very young daughter. After turning it on and setting it to practice mode I watched as she simply walked from left to right with minimal effort to complete level one.

Seeing this I was disappointed and decided to give the game a try on normal, a hour and a half later I had new found respect for this overlooked platformer. The diffuculty levels make this game perfect for varying skill level, children will enjoy practice modes simple easy play as they learn the basics, but crank up the difficulty and everyone who grew up on mario and mega man will find a hidden gem ready to be lifted to the light.

For the Disney diehards trying to introduce the kids to video games here’s a great jumping on point that you’ll probably enjoy too.  Regardless, if you find yourself stuck stumped or frustrated, make sure to grab yourself a copy of the complete Disney Castle of Illusion walkthrough by clicking the strategy guide on this page.





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