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Driver San Francisco Preview | PC PS3 XBox 360

Grab some friends and hit the streets.

GGD’s Interesting Contribution: 
When the owner of this site (David Garfield) worked at GT Interactive way back in the day and supported titles like Deer Hunter or Duke Nukem Nuclear Winter, seeing the original Driver on a console was a novelty.

Driver Sanfrancisco Driving Screenshot

Driver San Francisco Driving Screenshot

The game was ported from PC  and the original ‘trial’ just to get out of the garage was a complete pain in the gears.  Switchups, slalom, 360’s, 180’s and whathaveyou, you couldn’t get that car out on the street until you did everything in the ‘training’ level perfect.  Ugh… even prevented us from putting in it again for nostalgia’s sake years later.

As a matter of fact it’s sitting right here in our bin with hundreds of other present day forgotten titles right next to the dusty MS Barney Robotic Toy.  (Can you say nightmares?)  Needless to say, our copy of Driver never touched our copy of the original Diablo which is safe in it’s own leather holder protected from the elements.  Our partners below get it straight for the record with the Driver San Francisco Preview though, and it looks if you tried to compare the two, the challenge is still alive, just not as frustrating as a PS1 port from PC title, and you’ll be hard pressed to find something to complain about (though we’re sure some critic somewhere eventually will).   Driver San Francisco will release September 6th, 2011 for the PC PS3 & XBox 360″

Driver Sanfrancisco Dorian Screenshot

Driver San Francisco Dorian Screenshot

The Controller Online’s Driver San Francisco Preview:

The original Driver on PSX brings back some fond memories of staying up late, getting frustrated by not being able to beat the final level, only to have Scott come in and beat it on the first try. Screw you Scott.

Fast forward to 2011, and Ubisoft reboots the series following some moderately successful sequels and spin-offs, with Driver San Francisco. We’ll take a look at the Single Player campaign soon, but today is all about the multiplayer.

Read the full preview at The Controller Online


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