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Duke Nukem: Critical Mass for DS, Release Date Details


With a release date in the US of May 25th as announced today by Apogee Software its comforting to know that there will be no console unturned when it comes to the Duke coming back into our blessed video gaming lives.  Hail to the King baby!  Here is the official trailer for Duke Nukem: Critical Mass. 

Duke Nukem Critical Mass DS TRailer

The interesting mix of side-scrolling and third-person action game promises seven gameplay modes, three difficulty settings, two-player cooperative play and over thirty missions to tackle.

“The King of Action is back and ready to kick some ass! Duke’s original nemesis, Proton, is back and has unified all those who have opposed Duke in the past. The Earth Defense Force attempts to ensure the Earth’s continued security by transporting Duke into the future. Ironically, just moments after Duke’s departure, Proton launches a devastating attack on Earth!

Get the full Duke experience as you guide him through a world invaded by aliens. Save earth and of course all babes with blazing guns….or sometimes just a well placed kick of your mighty boot.”


Key features of the game include:

Unique MultiMode Gameplay 3D accelerated graphics throughout.36 action-packed levels, spanning 9 locations around the world.Five dynamic locations, allowing the player to experience the game several different ways.Over 17 hours of game play with loads of replay value.Dynamic mood/action music coupled with background sound effects.

Originally this game was also scheduled for PSP, but that version seems to have disappeared into the ether…

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