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EDGE Review | PC

Mobigames’ retro styled cube platformer EDGE, originally released as an iPhone game, is now out on PC courtesy of Two Tribes. Let’s take a look!

In the past, wrestling games have mainly been clunky, slow and methodical games with awkward grapple mechanics. The game EDGE seeks to change this. From amateur wrestler to seven time World Heavyweight Champion, this new game available on Steam and mobile platforms chronicles the career of Adam Joseph Copeland. Our protagonist, better known to the world as “Edge”, has optioned the rights to his inspirational life story. Fans of the sports entertainment genre and good games will want to check this game out.

To truly reinvigorate wrestling games, the developers of EDGE have stripped out all of the people, larger than life personas, finishing moves, soap opera story lines, and gone so far as to make it seem as though the game has absolutely nothing at all to do with wrestling. Some players may even believe that the title of the game is a total coincidence, and that it is a sign of a serious mental disorder to perceive it as having anything to do with old wrestlers. But those who get deep into the game, really soak in the design, will know better. EDGE is a game about getting a cube to the finish line as quickly as possible; the parallels between indie puzzle platforming and the all time king of the ring are obvious.

Flip on over to VGBlogger to read the full review.

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