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Escape Plan Review | PS Vita

Sony’s PlayStation Vita is off and running with a ton of quality games to choose from, downloadable black-and-white puzzle game Escape Plan high up on the list of must-own launch titles. It doesn’t escape without a few niggling touch screen gesture quirks, but the charming style, sitcom laugh track and clever puzzles make it a game worth checking out.

It’s a nice coincidence: In a year in which the best picture Oscar winner was a black and white silent film, one of the PlayStation Vita’s best and most creative games is also a monochromatic masterpiece. We’re talking, of course, about Escape Plan, the artistic downloadable puzzler from the development team that gave us Fat Princess.

You’ve heard of it, certainly, since it figured prominently in Sony’s Vita promotion campaign. You’re charged with guiding our twin protagonists, Lil (the thin one) and Laarg (the chubby one) out of the industrial laboratory/warehouse of the malevolent Bakuki. More specifically, it’s your job to guide them safely through 78 booby-trapped rooms using the Vita’s various touch-screen controls.

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Escape Plan Gamescom Trailer

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