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FEAR 3 Screenshot - Scarey

FEAR 3 Screenshot - Scarey

As this appears to be a big year for three-quels and the first matter to resolve for this franchise is should we call it Fear 3, F3AR, F.E.A.R. 3, or F.3.A.R? That’s four variations on the same title. That said, the 3rd entry to the F.E.A.R. franchise has it’s promising improvements. The engine and build is nice and clean as is the AI which has improved over the first F.E.A.R. The AI in FEAR 2 fell a bit but F.3.A.R has improved that system enough to keep you on your toes. Flanking and counter strategies you wouldn’t predict occur often.  Same as what is covered in the FEAR 3 Walkthrough. The cover system is another improvement from the prequels, but rather than continue to compare the three, lets point out some of the fun stuff to be found in this great title. First off the bat, if anyone felt robbed from FEAR 2, then this will be hard to swallow, but yes, it’s worth the price or at least a rental to examine for purchase.

FEAR 3 Screenshot 2

FEAR 3 Screenshot 2

Level ups are there, meaning slight improvements in combat, nice Trophies and Achievements we’ve all come to love, but what about the experience?   We want you to read the FEAR 3 walkthrough strategy guide, but if you are looking for a fright, this one isn’t what you are looking for. The mainstay of the storyline which is actually pretty decent keeps to the action of the franchise’s roots, and when something frightening does occur, you’ll know prior just from common sense. Not to run this fact as a spoiler, just to get any preconceived notions out of the way, that this is a much more ‘gamer’ driven model for action gameplay, rather than a scary story. If you’re looking for that, try a Resident Evil title and you’ll be all set.


Positive points about this title are the oddities you’ll find when characters move bodies around, switch things up on you, and generally keep the story and gameplay moving at a fast pace which does happen to make it enjoyable and interesting the entire time. It feels they were going for a more or less ‘GEARS’ feel to it and if you like that series, you won’t feel slighted in the least playing F.3.A.R. The full storymode experience runs a bit under 10 hours if playing the full stint, but we have not covered the very cool multiplayer options available in our review, and want to add that this game gives as much worth out of the box as you’d expect from a polished product and basically what they had hoped F.E.A.R 2 could have been if that comparison rings true for anyone.

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That said, we are one of the few remaining sites that give objective opinions and will not be bought by any hype or alleged ‘blacklisting’ since we purchase the titles off the shelves like the rest of you do. No bribery will make us change our minds about how good or bad a game is. That said, may chips fall where they may, but voice acting and sound production are still on the high end of this production as well, and overall the game if it didn’t fall short in other areas would still have made it past the 2.5 mark on our scale of 1 to 5. That said, we still have to be honest and give the title a 3.7 overall since many memorable moments are in this game and it’s absolutely worth playing even if you’ve never picked up a single FEAR title before. Don’t forget to click the FEAR 3 Walkthrough guide at the top of this page to get the full instructions on how to beat the game from start to finish!

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