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Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road DLC Review

You can finally grab everything you need and want to find that’s in store for the Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road Walkthrough right here at your friendly neighborhood GameGuideDog, but what’s in store for those that have waited so long to play this DLC?  It’s one of the biggest addons for Fallout New Vegas so far, and well, is it worth the purchase?

Well as far as we are concerned, if you are happy with another 3 hours of fun New Vegas Gameplay then this is a no-brainer for you, however, keep in mind the exploration is non-existent as you will only be traveling on a single road which is kind of a bummer but understandable for a DLC.   Here’s the full review from our patner:

Fallout New Vegas’ ‘Courier’ has travelled to more places than we can count but this time he/she’s going home. The fourth DLC pack for New Vegas, Lonesome Road, takes the Courier on a trip to The Divide, and into the past. Lonesome road brings the story full circle but, for those of you familiar with Fallout 3, this is no Broken Steel.

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