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Desert dust storm

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For a low cost title (at $19.99 on Steam) and available July 27th, you can find the “From Dust Walkthroughstrategy guide right here that will get you from start to finish for this extremely impressive title, so if you are looking for the complete game guide don’t forget to click the strategy book at the top of this page for the full From Dust walkthrough.

An absurd price at only $20 most gamers agree that the title itself looks like “From Dust” should be at least a $60.00 purchase.

Digital Spy gives From Dust a 100 out of 100, stating: “From the tiniest trickle of water to the largest tidal wave, or the smallest grain of sand to the biggest mountain top, every element combines to make From Dust one of the most beautiful and compelling games available on Xbox Live Arcade.”

From Dust Walkthrough Screenshot

From Dust Walkthrough Screenshot

The basis of From Dust itself can be compared to the original Lemmings for those that remember guiding your little lemming tribe from one area to the exit via various mechanics, likewise in From Dust you manipulate earth, water, and lava to get your tribe from one area to the next and a desolate world of extremely detailed graphical beauty.

On our set of complaints from us here at GameGuideDog is that setting down your dirt or trying to manipulate with any real accuracy is not possible which makes the game a bit frustrating as the camera angles move either too close or not close enough.  An additional control for camera position would have made this game much more enjoyable.

Available on XBLA and PC July 27th, if you are stuck stumped or frustrated make sure to grab your copy of the game help guide by clicking on the game faq image at the top of this page for the full and complete <u>From Dust Walkthrough</u> from GameGuideDog!

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