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Gamer Food For Thought: Let Go Of Your Elitism

I do label people according to what they play mostly or how much time they spend playing. Casuals, hardcore, addicts, whatever but all gamers and respect them all. I love Sony, respect Nintendo, and don’t like Microsoft when it comes to consoles. Love and respect to all gamers. Just don’t support products looking to fck up our beloved hobby/culture or whatever […]

While at school, I was talking to a few professors and students about what our passions are. When it was my turn, I told them that other than my family, writing and playing video games are my passion. So when the professors called me a “gamer” I decided to asked everyone what is their definition of a gamer? So after trying to explain the different…

Blame mobile gaming? Sure, but technology in the latest generation consoles is also uninspiring. Stay Connected Last Tuesday, Sony ( NYSE:SNE ) announced that 6 million units of the PlayStation 4, the company’s next-generation video game console, had been sold since its release last November.

Entire Gaming Setup

Entire Gaming Setup (Photo credit: Cinder6)

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