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God of War: Origins Collection Review | PS3

Two of the PSP’s greatest games come together for one epic combo pack in God of War: Origins Collection for PS3. Are Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta able to hold up in HD on a console? When sporting the two version via PSP and PS3 side by side, the enhancements to the collection truly show improvement, and with the God of War Origins Collection, a true fan of God of War can get all wishes fullfilled and a newcomer to the series has everything needed to get fully emerged in the franchise.  Don’t forget to check GameGuideDog’s search function for each and every God of War walkthrough above. Overall is this disk worthy of purchase? Let’s find out!

Today, the complete God of War saga (save for that Betrayal mobile game, but I’m not sure that one counts) is finally together on a single platform, with God of War: Origins Collection, a two-games-on-one-Blu-ray bundle of PSP titles Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, now joining the God of War Collection (HD remakes of the first two PS2 games) and God of War III on the PS3.

I’ve already reviewed Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta in their original PSP forms, so give those a read as companions to this review. What’s important here is where these titles fit into the God of War chronology and how well they were adapted from portable to console, and that’s what I’ll focus on in this review.

Ready at Dawn’s two PSP chapters in the God of War story fill in gaps between previous titles and also flesh out Kratos’ character in a meaningful way. Chains of Olympus, a prequel piece setting the stage for the entire series, explains with more depth why Kratos is so gosh darn pissed off all the time, and Ghost of Sparta, an interquel between the two PS2 games, digs further down into his back story.

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