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Google Plus to hit 10 Million Users | Might be a threat to Facebook

Google+ (aka the Google Plus social network) has approximately 9.5 million users worldwide, with 2.2 million joining in the past 32 to 34 hours, according to Allen’s estimates.

Google Plus Logo (Google+)

Google Plus Logo (Google+)

One of the fastest growing social networks in the history of the internet. The social circles may be confusing or less than optimal, but it appears a good percentage of folks are ready to take the plunge and jump off of Facebook for a moment to grab up their own set of friends on Google+.

This is amazing growth even for a giant such as Google: We cannot remember any social network reaching so many members so quickly after its release.

Coming from a third party, the data is obviously unofficial (we asked Google for comment on these numbers, but haven’t heard from them) and should be taken with a grain of salt. If they’re true, though, they indicate that — after so many stumbles — Google might finally be conquering the social networking arena.

Via Mashable

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