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Gotham City Impostors Review | GameGuideDog

If you missed our coverage from last years E3, we included a pretty cool ‘first look’ video of Gotham City Imposters, a kind of Unreal Tournament style FPS multiplayer frag fest game that covers all the characters from the batman franchise as ‘pretend’ fakers trying to be super heroes or super villians.  Our friends at TheControllerOnline have the full story below:

Have you ever read a Batman comic and wondered what the ordinary citizens of Gotham City were like? As you might expect, considering the things they have to deal with on a daily basis, some of them are pretty crazy. Monolith took to the streets of Gotham to give you a look at what happens when Batman and The Joker are tied up fighting each other. Copycat gangs, or Impostors, war in the streets. Gotham City Impostors has one of the most original settings we’ve seen, in a multiplayer shooter, in a long time and despite its goofy exterior, the action is dead serious.

Read more at The Controller Online.

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