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Grand Slam Tennis 2 Review | EA Sports

It’s a favorite sport to play and watch… and when it comes to video games Grand Slam Tennis 2 gives us the punch and slam we’ve been looking for with all the quality we’ve come to expect from publisher EA Sports.  Is it the best tennis video game out so far?  Check out the Grand Slam Tennis 2 Gameplay Match video and review below. Our partners at TheControllerOnline have all the details:

EA Sports have been on an amazing run lately. This year’s Madden was very good, and both FIFA 12 and NHL 12 were exemplary representations of their respective sports. I have to say that I don’t envy the position they’ve put themselves in, having to outdo themselves every year, but it’s been nearly three years since the first Grand Slam Tennis game. With the amazing feats they can pull of, year to year, in their other games, this long lay-off should produce a very good Tennis game. Let’s have a look at what they came up with.

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Grand Slam Tennis 2 Gameplay Match Video

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