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Gravity Rush Review

Badly in need of new software during an ongoing post-launch lull, the PlayStation Vita gets a great new action game in Gravity Rush. It’s not quite a killer-app, but you’re still going to want to to check this one out.

Kat, the spunky and sleek heroine of Japan Studio’s Gravity Rush, is afflicted with video gaming’s most overused plot device—she can’t remember who she is. But Kat’s got something much better than memory and self-awareness: a magical cat named Dusty that gives her the power to transcend and control the laws of gravity. Her game, despite some troubling issues with combat and controls, transcends most of the meager PlayStation Vita library.

It’s simple, really. Clicking the Vita’s right shoulder button sends Kat floating into the air. Once you’ve aimed the giant on-screen reticule with the analog stick–or the Vita’s gyroscope–you can click it again to send Kat hurtling toward enemies, buildings, or anything else in the environment. If she hits a hard surface, it becomes her floor, allowing her to do amazing things like sprint up the sides of skyscrapers or troll the ceilings of cathedrals for gems that upgrade her abilities. Kat’s grav powers are limited by a meter that refills after it drains, but happily, precipitous falls can’t harm her.

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