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GTA V Online Revealed | MORE GTA V Gameplay Video

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Here’s the GTA V Online Walkthrough Video:

In an amazing press release and story covered by GameSpot today, Rockstar reveals that GTA Online actually ships with GTA V and the experience is just as amazing as the GTA V single player mission based title itself. It’s an anything goes attitude that will have you joining your buddies on a car chasing heist and giving you the opportunity to rip them off at the end (if you are holding the sack of gold in your car that is…)


Grand Theft Auto Online is not a standalone retail product; it’s included with copies of GTAV. Some narrative overlap connects GTA Online with the story campaign, including a handful of shared characters. In fact, you can even switch between the two modes by selecting your multiplayer avatar from the very same character wheel used to jump between Michael, Trevor, and Franklin in the main storyline.

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