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Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Review | PS3 XBox 360

Gamers are well acquainted with revenge narratives and collection tasks, but it’s rare for the two to be combined. Hell Yeah! marries the pair off with style as anti-hero Ash tours a side-scrolling cartoon underworld in search of one hundred monsters who stole compromising photographs taken by a paparazzo of the rabbit when pleasuring himself in a bath. Each scoffer must be murdered and ticked off a to-do list; only then may the bloodthirsty bunny rest in the knowledge that his reputation has been repaired.

It’s a vibrant, irreverent premise reminiscent in tone of Nippon Ichi’s output in Disgaea (a series also set in a breezily jovial imagining of hell) – a feeling amplified by Ash’s brattish swagger and his put-upon companion butler. In execution too, this, the first publisher-backed downloadable game from French independent studio Arkedo draws heavily upon Japanese influences with outlandish animations, over-saturated colours and endlessly creative acts of violence. Each of the one hundred targets is visually diverse, with its own offensive or defensive tactics for evading Ash’s ire, and the desire to see what the designer’s have concocted next is often just as powerful as the pressing need to clear the task list.

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