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Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Walkthrough | Hunted the Demon’s Forge Review

hunted the demon's forge

Hunted the Demon’s Forge Walkthrough and Review

Okay gamers, I think we speak for all concerned here at GGD when we say we’ve been looking forward to debut of this particular title for awhile. Like Rockstar, when Bethesda hypes a title this long in advance, with this sustained level of enthusiasm, there’s a good chance we could see a really exceptional release on the way. So does it look like Hunted: The Demon’s Forge can live up to our raised expectations? Fingers crossed, let’s look at what it appears we can expect from this likely marquee blockbuster.

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This genre has taken something of a dip in popularity over the last decade, so small surprise Bethesda has dipped into their bag of tricks and spiced up Hunted The Demon’s Forge to reinvent the genre into something that special, and Bethesda has attempted to do this with Hunted The Demon’s Forge by bringing co-op play to a new level, with developer inXile’s president Matt Findley stating they’ve gone to great lengths to re-work the very idea of co-op. Instead of merely allowing two players to be able to play Hunted: The Demon’s Forge at the same time, special attention has been paid to reward and encourage intelligent, symbiotic cooperative play. We cover several aspects of this as well in the GameGuideDog Hunted the Demon’s Forge Walkthrough

Hunted the Demon’s Forge Walkthrough Complete Review

Co-op play between who? The two main protagonists of Bethesda’s 3rd person, dark fantasy dungeon crawler are somewhat cliche at first glance, but not completely “cookie-cutter” when examined a little more closely. Hunted The Demon’s Forge starts the male/female duo of Caddoc, the beefy, melee warrior type, (imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin in old world armor), and E’lara, a sinewy, undeniably sexy female huntress, (imagine Milla Jojovich with pointy ears in “Xena” garb and tribal tattoos…”), whose forte is attacks from afar with her bow.

Both characters are capable of melee and ranged combat, and also share the ability to enhance one an other’s combat abilities with spell casting. Caddoc is the superior hands-on combatant, while E’lara the more adept of the two with ranged weapons, but it’s when they work together in tandem that the abilities of both are really maximized. For instance, E’lara can freeze enemies to a stand-still with her ice bow, allowing Caddoc to run up and shatter the vulnerable statues, or Caddoc can levitate enemies to dangle mid-air helplessly with his sword, allowing E’lara free target practice on the suspended foes.

No question Hunted The Demon’s Forge has some considerable production values. The British actors that voice the characters of Caddoc and E’lara have chemistry, and successfully trade sarcastic remarks back and forth. There’s a constant thread of unfulfilled sexual tension between the two, with a little thinly veiled jealousy coming through on the part of E’lara in reference to Caddoc’s dreams of a mystery woman he has not met. Other sound effects in Hunted The Demon’s Forge also have a realistic ring to them, whether it’s the scraping of steel in combat, the bloody gush of an eviscerated enemy, or the boom of thunder when magical lightning strikes. The cut scenes of Hunted The Demon’s Forge are of an animated quality, detail and beauty that could easily warrant it’s own release independent of the game itself.

Now we can move on to what is, at least to most gamers, the most important factor which is how Hunted The Demon’s Forge looks/functions during live play. Hunted The Demon’s Forge is a beautiful looking game in any still frame shot, and the backgrounds in particular are so attractively detailed that they actually make the gamer want to simply stop at points and drink in the visual feast. The genre dynamics of Hunted The Demon’s Forge play would certainly be categorized as that of the “hack & slash” variety, which usually has negative conotations as being mindless and simplistic, but we would counter that many gamers actually want a good, bloody button mash-fest that doesn’t require hours of learning curve to enjoy.

When in motion, Hunted The Demon’s Forge isn’t exactly perfect. Certain combat animations do look somewhat forced and choppy at times, not outright poor mind you, but not as fluid as we were hoping for a game of Hunted’s pre-hype and Bethesda pedigree. Being that the action takes place between an elite male/female combat team, I was at times reminded of the gameplay of Resident Evil 5 against a different medieval backdrop, with my preference still remaining with the RE5 team of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar. The bosses in Hunted The Demon’s Forge are particularly impressive, of increasingly mammoth proportions, with the seemingly formidable early bosses in the game such as the Minotaur, showing up in groups later on, replaced by truly epic bosses who dwarf the very towers they lumber alongside, that require even greater skill and strategy to overcome. We of course cover all these events and several secret tactics in the Hunted the Demon’s Forge Walkthrough.

While maybe not delivering on all the hype and in reality playing as impressively as the trailers would imply, (but what game/movie does deliver what the trailer promises? Very, very few…), Hunted The Demon’s Forge is a visually attractive dungeon crawler that makes no apologies for pushing the envelope in the use of both violence & gore, and suggestive & sexual attire and scenarios to up the ante, on what is other wise a fairly straight forward format we’ve seen in many, many other games of it’s type, with it’s foremost strength being the specific attention being paid to the rewarding of creative and thoughtful play between it’s two heroes.

While not really reinventing and revitalizing the dungeon crawler genre as implied during it’s development, through sheer big budget production values, it does deliver a game that that is prettier, bloodier, and more suggestive than the majority of it’s counterparts in it’s declining genre, and certainly deserves to be considered among the upper deck of games of its type, and worth a hands on look for gamers that are looking for a suitable “fill-in” while awaiting the release of the next Resident Evil, Gears of War, and other mature, co-op friendly titles. While somewhat falling victim to being unable to match the heights inspired by it’s own pre-release blockbuster marketing, we still expect Hunted The Demon’s Forge to largely be embraced as a worthy buy. Hunted: The Demon’s Forge is cross-platform accessible, and goes on sale today May 31st 2011, at $59.99 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Make sure to click the strategy guide above to get access to the full Hunted the Demon’s Forge Walkthrough.

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