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Inversion Review

Saber Interactive attempts to innovate the increasingly crowded third-person cover shooter genre with a unique gravity shifting gameplay mechanic in Inversion. Does Inversion succeed in turning third-person shooting on its head? Let’s take a look:

Namco Bandai teaches a lesson in poor release timing with the recent launch of Inversion. Saber Interactive’s latest original IP quietly landed on store shelves earlier this month, right smack in the middle of E3, a time in the gaming year when most gamers briefly forget about current games to look forward to the gaming innovations and experiences of the future. For a game that’s been in development as long as Inversion (it was announced in 2009 and originally was planned to launch in 2010), it’s a shame its release came and went with such little attention, because despite some gaping flaws and a prevailing air of blandness, it pulls out some clever game design tricks that deserve commendation.

The story of <em>Inversion</em> begins in the near-future city of Vanguard, once a peaceful place now overrun by the Lutadore, a race of enemies armed with gravity-manipulating technology that rises up out of nowhere and begins slaughtering and enslaving the human population, adults and children alike. A pair of lame buddy cop wannabes heads the charge to overthrow this sudden threat, Davis Russel in the leading role as a father and husband who discovers his wife dead and his daughter kidnapped by the ruthless invaders, with his partner Leo Delgado riding shotgun on this post-apocalyptic sci-fi mission to save one little girl.

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